Meatwad's main power in the series is his shapeshifting ability. Here is a table of all of his transformations throughout the series, movie and various commercials.

Image Name First Appeared in Description
Meatwad - Hot Dog
Hot Dog Theme Song A large hot dog-like shape with 'mustard' in the middle.
Meatwad - Igloo
Igloo In the shape of an igloo.
Meatwad - Bridge
Bridge Rabbot A nine-step bridge.
Meatwad - Lincoln
Wayne Gretzky Circus Resembles Abraham Lincoln with a katana.
Meatwad - Humanoid
Humanoid Frat Aliens A small pudgy humanoid form with a bulge.
Meatwad - Pregnant
Pregnant Gee Whiz A smaller humanoid form with a large stomach.
Meatwad - Flower
Flower Robositter Resembling a sunflower.
Meatwad - Hammer
Hammer T-Shirt of the Living Dead The form of a hammer.
Meatwad - Humanoid 2
Humanoid 2 A humanoid blob form.
Meatwad - Spider
Spider Hypno-Germ Resembling a Daddy Long Legs.
Meatwad - Hand
Middle Finger Carl Wash The form of a human hand.
Meatwad - Office Building
Building Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Forms into a large office building.
Meatwad - Monster
Monster A giant monster-like form with a hair cut and jean shorts.
Meatwad - Paper
Paper Rabbot Redux Resembles a giant piece of paper.
Meatwad - Tornado
Tornado The form of a tornado.
Meatwad - Bricks
Bricks Resembles a pile of bricks.
Meatwad - Master Shake
Master Shake Allen Part Two Resembles Master Shake.
Meatwad - Triangle
Triangle Wi-tri The form of a triangle.
Meatwad - Brickwall
Wall The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It) The form of a brickwall.
Meatwad - 5
5 Slim Jim Commercial The form of the number 5.
Meatwad - Famous Phrase
"Famous Phrase" Logo A logo saying "Famous Phrase".
Meatwad - Cow
Cow Resembles a cow.
Meatwad - Bowl of Chili
Chili Resembles a bowl of chili.
Meatwad - Nacho Chips
Nacho Resembles nacho chips.
Meatwad - Bottle of Honey
Honey Bear Bottle Resembles a bottle of honey.
Meatwad - Slim Jim
Slim Jim Resembles a Monster Slim Jim.
Meatwad - Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish PlayStation Vue Commercial Resembles a satellite dish.