"Little Brittle" is the sixth episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 48th episode overall. It originally aired on September 5th, 2004. This episode marks the fourth appearance of MC Pee Pants.


Spacecataz: Oglethorpe redials Ignignokt. He hangs up again.

The episode starts off just like Mc Pee Pants (episode) and Super Sir Loin with Meatwad blasting a song called "Come Visit Me Dawg" by Little Brittle and the C-Bag from his boombox, an annoyed Frylock is antagonized by this because he knows this is MC Pee Pants, but Meatwad denies this. When Frylock tries to explain this to Meatwad, he still denies this. Meatwad tells Frylock about Little Brittle and his life at Tragic Castle Old Folks Home, where he is mean to the nurses because nobody ever visits him, just like in the song. Meatwad says he going to visit MC Pee Pants as fan. Frylock tags along as well because he wants to know what Pee Pants is up to.

When the duo are about to leave, Master Shake (who is sleeping in the recliner) asks where are they going. Frylock refuses to tell him but Meatwad does. Shake bails on them. Frylock states that Shake could cheer up old people, but Shake wants to go to Peru. As both of them leave, Shake yells his infamous catchphrase to them, "Dracula called, and he is coming tonight!".

At the Old Folks Home, both of them walk in to see that Little Brittle is an old man, wearing a shower cap, a gold jewel around his neck, an adult diaper, white socks, and blue shoes. He yells at both of them causing Frylock and Meatwad to slowly back away. Little Brittle wants Meatwad to give him a hug. Obviously uncomfortable, Frylock forces him to hug him and carries him over to LB. After they hug, Meatwad backs away from him as he wipes away the snot of his body. Frylock wants to know LB's plans. Pee Pants claims he forgot who he is and what he has done before. Frylock and Meatwad show him pictures of the events of MC Pee Pants and Super Sir Loin but MC pretends to not know anything. He falls asleep. Frylock is disgusted when he sees this. As Meatwad is about to leave, Lil Brittle wakes up. Frylock ditches Meatwad and LB threatens to take Meatwad's wristwatch, even though he doesn't have one.

A horrified Shake (who has frosting over his face) comes into Frylock room and explains a prowler is in the house and begs Frylock to leave. It reveals that that Frylock baked another tray of cupcakes and also reveals that Shake has eaten the first batch off-screen. When Meatwad returns and comes into Frylock's room, Frylock tells Meatwad to bring the cupcakes to LB. Shake berates both of them because they were hanging out with an old person, Shake then say Meatwad is the prowler. Annoyed, Frylock angrily tells him to shut up.

Back at the retirement home, Meatwad sticks his tooth into Little Brittle mouth, Frylock comes in and is. LB thinks Meatwad is a vampire, he release his album in Transylvania which Meatwad imported. MCPP explains he wants to be a vampire so he won't be reincarnated again, proving Frylock right all along. Frylock says he can be a Christian. A vampire in a casket appears out of nowhere and bites Little Brittle, Frylock who grabs a horrified Meatwad escapes. Pee Pants appears as a vampire and he inadvertently step into the sunlight, not knowing vampire can be killed by sunlight and dies. The vampire from earlier suffers the same fate as Pee Pants and the duo say he'll probably come back next year. In hell, Satan doesn't like Pee Pants as a vampire and he is killed by satan's flames


  1. An unnamed vampire explodes after being exposed to sunlight.
  2. MC Pee Pants explodes after becoming a vampire and exposing himself to sunlight.
  3. MC Pee Pants is blasted by a ball of fire, for the third time in Hell.


  • Including his brief cameo in "The Last One," this is the fourth and final appearance of MC Pee Pants (apart from his appearance in the movie).
  • This is the third time Shake says "Dracula called, and he's coming tonight."
  • Before this episode aired, Matt and Dave wanted to apologize for the middle of the episode. They claimed that the beginning and ending were good but the middle "really really dragged," and that they blame it "on infighting and Zell Miller."


  • Little Brittle's poster and CD cover seem identical, but on the poster, we can see Little Brittle's air tank, but on the CD cover, it's gone.
  • While Frylock and Meatwad are talking to Little Brittle in the nursing home, someone pages Dr. Weird over the intercom.
  • When Frylock is showing pictures to Little Brittle you see Frylock dressed up in an S&M mask like how he was in "The Cubing."
  • Carl does not appear in this episode.