Death bear

Little Death Bear is a toy teddy bear covered in razor blades that was introduced in ATHFCMFFT, and has made cameos on the show ever since. Dr. Weird explains that because of Fryock not getting him a Little Death Bear for christmas (because he thought Dr. Weird would lose a hand) and instead giving him a Baby Wets All Night, he became the lunatic he is today. After that, Shake tries to get the Little Death Bear for himself, but gives up after it chops off both of his hands.

Little Death Bear has also appeared in some Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes like "Jumpy George" as a toy on the floor and as a teddy bear that Meatwad sleeps with. In the show, his appearance is the same but he does not have any razor blades on him, the teddy bear then reappears in "Spacecadeuce" & "Hospice".