AquaTeen LoveMummy

Love Mummy (voiced by Tom Clark) is a mummy that found in the crawlspace of the Aqua Teens house. Love Mummy threatens to curse anyone that doesn't obey all his demands, which prompts Frylock to take him on an expensive spending spree at the mall as well as buying him surf and turf with lobster (which the mummy rejects at first and demands he go buy more). Meatwad takes advantage of the situation, egging the mummy on and encouraging him to demand an Action Frank doll so he can have it.

Carl is apparently aware that the mummy's been living in their crawl space, noting that the previous tenants were even weirder than the Aqua Teens and he hopes they've got a lot of free time on their hands.

Shake, since he doesn't care or pay attention to anything except himself, completely ignores the mummy's demands and insults him to his face, which prompts a brief display of lightning and a shout of "Curse" from the mummy, which Shake continues to ignore. Once nothing happens to Shake, Frylock becomes suspicious and does some research, finding out that mummies are actually incapable of cursing anyone and all they really do is mooch, make demands and act annoying. Once he discovers this, Frylock immediately tosses him out to the curb and buries him in garbage, hoping the trash man won't notice they're trying to throw away a mummy.

Carl takes the Mummy's headdress at this point and wears it, which turns the lower part of his body into a snake.

Items that were purchased for the Love Mummy are a rock climbing wall, various colored T-shirts, expensive stereo equipment, a DVD player, a new outfit (including shoes and a hat), jewelry (including a necklace, watch and other like items), sunglasses, a skateboard, a television and an entire rack of DVDs.