MC Pee Pants, a.k.a. Sir Loin, a.k.a. Little Brittle and the C-Bag is a demonspawn rap artist from Hell, who is reincarnated in different forms whenever he is killed. With each return, he establishes a new name and identity, but his voice, personality, clothing and yellow eyes remain constant.

His forms have included a giant spider, a cow, an elderly human, a vampire, a worm and a fly. In each incarnation, he wears a diaper, a shower cap and a gold chain around his neck. He usually has an elaborate scheme to take over the world, which begins by sending instructions to his listeners (who, thus far, is pretty much only Meatwad), in the form of a hit rap single such as "I Want Candy", "Doin' it 4 Da Shorteez", and "Come Visit Me Dawg". His schemes usually involve a song asking the listener to go to an abandoned warehouse at "612 Wharf Avenue" (a real address in Red Bank, New Jersey), and are invariably ridiculous and unnecessarily complicated. For example, as MC Pee Pants, he plotted to bore a hole into Hell with a blood-sugar powered drill for purposes of unleashing demons who would then operate for him a diet pill pyramid scheme. Whenever in Hell, he retains his most recent form, only to change forms when Satan reincarnates him (though strangely enough, in the movie, he's in his original spider form while in hell) He is featured as one of the boss battles in the video game.

He has also appeared in a cold opening.

Different Forms[]

This is a list of what forms he was in when he returned from the dead, and what he did:

  • A giant spider attempting to release demons to run a global diet pill pyramid scheme.
  • A cow who was trying to break into a bank using fly's digestive acids, and pay for his furniture.
  • A worm with a rejected haunted house scheme.
  • An old sickly man trying to become a vampire to avoid going back to Hell.
  • A vampire who blew himself up from the sun.
  • A fly with a song to stop the Insanoflex.



  1. "MC Pee Pants (episode)": Tricked into going into a pizza place by Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad that was set to explode. Caught in a ball of fire for liking rap by Satan.
  2. "Super Sir Loin": Tricked into going a slaughter by Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad and then gets shredded alive. Caught in a ball of fire for interrupting a call by Satan.
  3. "The Last One": Crushed underfoot by Err. Caught in a ball of fire by Satan.
  4. "Little Brittle": Explodes due being in sunlight and being a vampire. Caught in a ball of fire by Satan.
  5. "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters": Crushed with a fly swatter by Master Shake. Caught in a ball of fire by Satan off-screen.

Death Count: 10



  • In almost every incarnation of MC Pee Pants, he is seen wearing a shower cap and a diaper, the only exception to this is when he was a vampire.
  • His reincarnation name reflects the form he originally takes during that trip to Earth, MC Pee Pants being him wearing a diaper, Sir Loin is a reference to him taking the form of a cow or possibly due to his music being about food, Little Brittle referencing his old age, MC Worm referencing his time as a worm etc.
  • He appears in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever promo but not in the episodes.
  • He is the first character who has not survived in any episode.
  • MC Pee Pants appeared in the 2018 Dr. Demento album Dr. Demento Covered in Punk.
  • He made a return appearance in Aquadonk Side Pieces
  • Despite being one of the most popular recurring characters, he has not appeard in any incarnation of the theme song.