Major Shake is a clone of Master Shake by the Plutonians. However, he is severely deformed, due to the fact that he was cloned in a pizza oven, and was cloned from a picture of Shake only, instead of using a DNA sample.


He has one of Shake's hands attached to his limp straw, and has a working jam box sticking out his side. In order to make him look taller, the Plutonians put Mary Jane high heels on him. One of his eyes appear to be larger then the other, his drinking hole is also visible.

In Episodes[]

In Bad Replicant, he proves to be one of the most normal and easy-going villains the Aqua Teens have interacted with despite being freakishly malformed (a fact he glumly notes).

After failing to convince anybody he was Master Shake, he admits the stupidity of the Plutonians' plan and spends some time talking to the Aqua Teens before borrowing a pipe to smash the window of Carl's car, stealing it and escaping to parts unknown.

For some reason, he and the original Master Shake both refer to the pipes as "amazing-space-age tubes".

He reappeared on The Last One, as a villain summoned to the meeting. When he was picking up garbage on Earth, he was hit by truck, however, he was not killed, as he was seen throughout the episode.