Carl and Marcula
Voiced by Matt Maiellaro
Episode count 5
Birth date c. 2302 BC
Age 4,040
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Job Landlord
Abilities Teleportation

Changes into a vampire bat version of himself

Turns others into vampires

Controls vampires

Quote "I said no cell phones! What I'm doing to you is totally illegal!"

Markula is the vampire owner of the Aqua Teen House and the landlord of the Aqua Teens. He is 4040 years old and had a hunchback, leathery green skin, and a way with spiders. He demands that the Aqua Teens pay for a broken gas pipe (which they refuse to do), and because of that he keeps trying to sell their house. Unlike most vampires Markula has shown signs of being able to survive out in the sunlight. Carl spilled garlic champagne on him, causing him to disintegrate.

He later reappeared in season 8 episode "Vampirus". His name and voice is loosely based on the monster Dracula from the movies and books although his appearance is more reflective of Nosferatu and old age vampires that predated Dracula.

He is mentioned indirectly in "Reedickyoulus".

He makes his last appearance in "The Greatest Story Ever Told."


Markula displays an uncaring personality and seems to be a very self-centered person; he holds little value in anyone else's life.

He is also not above holding people hostage to celebrate his own birthday party.


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