Master Shake
Voiced by Dana Snyder
John DiMaggio (muscles)
Dave Willis (SGC2C)
Episode appearances All except Sirens, Storage Zeebles, Spacecadeuce, and is only heard in Robots Everywhere.
Species Milkshake
Family Dr. Weird (creator)
Frylock (fellow creation; older brother)
Meatwad (fellow creation; younger brother)
Chicken Bittle (fellow creation; deceased)
Svetlana (ex-wife)
Hand Banana (partial clone)
Ol' Drippy (creation)
Nicknames Shake
Gender Male
Job Detective (Former)
Employee at Slurp-a-Lunch (Formerly)
Abilities Shooting a milkshake like substance from his straw
Random fits of rage,
Quote "Dancing Is Forbidden!"

Master Shake (briefly known as Mocha Shake), usually referred to as simply Shake, is one of the main characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teens, Shake is the most erratic, selfish, and idiotic of the group, delivering misfortune to those around him (most especially his next-door neighbor Carl), though his extreme stupidity and naivety frequently causes his various schemes to backfire on him.


As his name implies, Master Shake is a giant white milkshake drinking cup with a pink bendy straw protruding from his head. Although Master Shake does not have a nose, arms, legs or feet, and any reproductive organs, he does have two yellow hands with only four fingers connected to each side of him. His lack of arms is shown to make picking up objects somewhat difficult. While Shake doesn't have legs, he refers to his base as his "one thick ankle" in "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula." Just like Meatwad and Frylock, Shake occasionally wears clothing, but does not typically wear them. Like Frylock and Meatwad, Shake has a jewel under his cup, only seen in the The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)


Master Shake is incredibly selfish, narcissistic, and self serving, helping others only if doing so will benefit himself. He possesses very little empathy towards the suffering of those less fortunate, and he completely disregards the rights of others, stealing and/or destroying their property at will, such as destroying the TV on multiple occasions. In addition, he has the temper of a spoiled child, frequently throwing tantrums if things do not go his way. This is observed in the episode PDA, where he throws a chair out of the window and tortures Meatwad when he suspected that he had stolen his PDA.

Shake is also shown to be incredibly unintelligent and naive, and he frequently concocts asinine schemes in order to get his own way. Fortunately, these schemes rarely turn out well for him, and he often feels the painful backlash whenever his plans fail. Not only does he seem incapable of seeing the various flaws in his plans, but he also legitimately doesn't seem to be able to help prevent himself from making bad decisions. His stupidity has frequently caused much damage to the city they live in, their own house, the various people he encounters and perhaps most frequent of all, himself. Due to his massive ego and narcissism, he very often, sometimes even purposely refuses to acknowledge his mistakes.

Shake is also incredibly lazy. He is incapable of holding any sort of job (if he actually manages to find one), and depends solely on Frylock to support him, and in "The", the Aqua Teens' house rapidly falls into total disrepair without Frylock's stabilizing influence. Due to being so self absorbed, Shake is proactive about leeching off of his friends. His brief jobs have often ended with him abandoning his post, and in Robositter he attempted to steal from the cash register on his way out.

Oddly enough though, in several episodes such as "Circus", Shake has an unusual interest in the stock market and in "Shake Like Me", appears conscious about his 401k after being turned back to a milkshake.

Despite his lack of talent and overall stupidity, Shake possesses an exceptional knowledge in cooking. In "Lasagna", he is revealed to make a professional dish of four-cheese lasagna, which he claims to have learned how to make when he traveled to New York. In addition, "Super Sir Loin" reveals that Shake knows how to cook steak and eggs and duck à l'orange. However, his ability to cook seems to only be used for malicious purposes, such as interfering with Meatwad's diet or torturing Carl. Aside from his talent in cooking, Shake is shown to know how to operate a helicopter at the end of "Lasagna". He is also skilled in the use of weaponry, ranging from knives to firearms, even if only used for malicious purposes like harming his enemies or committing suicide.

In various episodes, Shake is shown to be an avid fan of heavy metal music. He owns two electric guitars and has connections with musicians like Zakk Wylde and Glenn Danzig.

Although he apparently lacks any kind of reproductive organs, Shake is actually incredibly lecherous towards women, despite being constantly rejected by them. He is also very boisterous about his sexual conquests, though Frylock points out that he lacks a penis and has never actually had sex with a woman.

During the first few seasons of the series, Shake is seen to be very disrespectful to Meatwad, constantly torturing and bullying him with cruel jokes, as well as both physical and verbal abuse. However, as the series progresses, he seems to become increasingly lenient and nicer toward Meatwad. However, even then he still often likes to play malicious jokes on him from time-to-time, such as in the episode "Zucotti Manicotti" where he almost drives him to suicide.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike his brothers Frylock and Meatwad, Shake does not appear to possess any kind of special or remotely useful powers. The only real power that he frequently displays is his ability to rhythmically contract his body and eject some type of thick, green fluid through his straw (which does absolutely nothing except splatter on the ground).

Shake can also suck up water through the end of his straw, as shown in the episode, "Bus of the Undead."

On the very last episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, Shake had the same jewel like Frylock on the bottom of him. And he was going to blast them with his eyes, but it didn't work because his jewel was dying out too.


Given his laziness and contempt for authority, most of Shake's actual paying jobs (not counting his get-rich-quick schemes that never pan out) have been forced on him by Frylock and never last very long.

The closest thing Shake has had to an actual job is likely found in the episode "Robositter," where he worked at "Slurp-a-Lunch" at the mall with Frylock as his supervisor. This job involved him turning meats, particularly ham, into smoothies. Shake quickly decided that the job was stupid and started goofing off. He even broke into a room that only managerial staff are allowed into, so he could steal and destroy the rain poncho that Frylock was working so hard for. The only other instance of Shake performing a relatively honest job was in the episode "Piranha Germs," where he was hired to spread a deadly disease.

Shake has also tried making many business deals, usually to scam others out of money. In "Dumber Days," he tried to take advantage of Meatwad's newfound intelligence by taking ten percent of Meatwad's profits by doing almost nothing. Shake also pulled a scam with Carl sometime before the events of "The Meat Zone." This involved selling a large amount of tacky merchandise to promote an oil stain on Carl's driveway that vaguely resembled Jesus. He also tried becoming a musician in "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary," where he made a deal with Zakk Wylde to create a new birthday song to replace the old one. He pulled a similar stunt, when he tried to become a musician after Meatwad became famous in "Chicken and Beans." He also tried to patent the "Buddy Nugget" behind Frylock's back in the episode "Buddy Nugget."

He's also tried to be an assassin in both "2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five" and "Working Stiffs." However, in the former, he tried too hard to be cool and missed every shot, and in the latter, he was too stupid to do anything right and abandoned Meatwad at the first sign of danger.

He's also tried getting into show business. He pitched Meatwad's comic book to [adult swim] in "Rocket Horse Jet Chicken," and he was an actor in "Deleted Scenes." He also stole the identities of two famous rappers to release his own album in "A PE Christmas." He tried performing in "Antenna" and "Dummy Love." Furthermore, he had a hallucination about performing in "Hypno-Germ."

Shake has also held some miscellaneous jobs, such as being a circus freak in "Circus" or becoming a marine in "The Marines", both of which ended in failure and humiliation. He tried becoming a superhero in "Super Hero," but he did not succeed in any way, mostly because of his failed attempt to get superpowers. He ruined Carl's car in a demolition derby in the episode "Kidney Car." He tried becoming a beta tester in "eDork" and "IAMAPOD". In "Last Dance for Napkin Lad," it was supposedly revealed that Shake was actually a spy, and so were Frylock and Meatwad.



Despite being roommates and brothers, Shake and Frylock are often at each other's throats. Shake will come up with some sort of ridiculous idea for his own personal gain, and Frylock will do his best to foil Shake's plans. Shake and Frylock often insult each other, sometimes face-to-face. Shake has died due to the show's lack of continuity, and Frylock has been shown not to care in most situations (with "Video Ouija" as a notable exception). While trying to work, Frylock is often annoyed by Shake's interference, such as when Shake starts about farting in "Time Machine" or trying to find a way to torture Meatwad in various episodes.


Despite being the older brother, Shake is very disrespectful to Meatwad, such as abusing, bullying and taunting throughout the series. But, Meatwad likes Shake however. Since Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, he started treating Meatwad more respect than before. Even though Meatwad likes Shake, he admits that he dislikes Shake's tricks. Meatwad occasionally does payback to Shake such as forcing his to eat a Scorpion in Party All the Time, and having Shake get beaten up by Carl and Dante in Bookie.


It's made perfectly clear that Carl dislikes Shake the most out of all three Aqua Teens. Shake has shown endless amounts of disrespect to Carl such as sneaking in to his house, vandalizing his property and sometimes assaulting and taunting him. In the episode, Mail Order Bride, Shake and Carl had an unknown type of relation for a brief moment when they both married the same girl. In episodes like Dusty Gozongas and Jumpy George, they would fight over a woman in front of her.

Criminal Record

NOTE: This list is not yet complete. 

  • Animal Cruelty: In "Reedickyoulus", he microwaves his cat and Meatwad's numerous pets. In "The Marines", he kills a cat with a drill. In "Freedom Cobra", he assaults his pet dog and later eats it alive.
  • Armageddon: In "The Granite Family", he causes a nuclear war and kills almost all life on earth.
  • Arson/Terrorism: In "Super Hero", he sets the city on fire in an attempt to get some publicity.
  • Assault: In “Time Machine”, he knocks Carl out with a lamp.
  • Attempted Murder: In "Multiple Meat", he attempts to kill Meatwad by cutting him in half numerous times. And in ”Ezekial”, he attempts to drown Ezekial in Carl's pool with a block of concrete.
  • Bestiality/Necrophilia: In "Reedickyoulus", he has sex with the numerous pets he killed. This may also count for necrophilia since they were zombies.
  • Breaking and Entering: In “Super Squatter” he invades Carl's house without his permission. And in “A PE Christmas”, he attempts to break into a Better Buy.
  • Cannibalism: In "Freedom Cobra", he consumes Carl's corpse and a doctor's hands. He also ate Carl's severed penis at the end of "Dickesode", however, in this case, it was an accident.
  • Draft Evasion: In "The Marines", he attempts suicide in order to avoid having to join the marines. However, he survives and is forced to go anyway, despite his injury.
  • Eco-Terrorism: In "Revenge of the Trees", Shake, along with Carl, decide to dump the deep fryer's oil in the forest.
  • Enforced Suicide: In "Lasagna", he teases Carl with his lasagna and makes him chase after it, causing Carl to jump out the window and kill himself in the process. He also traumatized Meatwad to the point of becoming suicidal in "Zucotti Manicotti". And in “Gee Whiz”, after the Homeless Guy stands on the billboard and claims to be Gee Whiz, Shake asks him if he can fly. In response, the guy jumps off of the billboard and dies once he hits the road.
  • Impersonation: In “A PE Christmas”, he steals Flavor Flav's identity and releases a Christmas album under his name.
  • Manslaughter: In "Juggalo", he throws a piece of concrete at a highway, causing a car crash and killing at least one person in the process. In "Gene E.", he traps Gene E in a jar with no air holes and accidentally suffocates him. In "Brain Fairy", he accidentally runs over a homeless guy while taking his drivers test. 
  • Murder: In "Bart Oates", he shoots Carl in the head with a BB gun. He later kills Carl again with a chainsaw in "Freedom Cobra". In the movie, he kills Meatwad with a shotgun.
  • Murder by Proxy: In "Zucotti Manicotti", he tricks Meatwad into killing the titular character.
  • Obstruction of Justice: In “The Creditor”, he helps the titular character bury dead bodies and neither of them are caught.
  • Theft/Robbery: In “T-Shirt of the Living Dead”, he steals an ancient T-shirt from a museum. In “Kidney Car”, he steals Carl's car and enters it in a demolition derby. And in “Time Machine”, he steals Carl's chair, lamp, and pants.
  • Torture: In "PDA", he uses his portable crane and Carl's pool to torture Meatwad via drowning.


  1. Balloonenstein: Gets crushed by a giant Meatwad.
  2. Revenge of the Mooninites: Hit by a bus.
  3. Dumber Dolls: Struck by lightning. 
  4. Super Birthday Snake: Blown up by Frylock's lasers along with Meatwad. (in the simulation) 
  5. Total Re-Carl: Gets blown up by rockets.
  6. Broodwich: Gets axed by Jerry.
  7. Video Ouija: Kills himself by jumping into Carl's pool that's filled with live piranhas while overdosed on sleeping pills and breathing in carbon monoxide.
  8. Unremarkable Voyage: Dies of blood loss after being tortured by Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl.
  9. EDork: Explodes along with Carl, after getting electrocuted by their eHelmets.
  10. Diet: Gets all of his blood sucked out of his body.
  11. Carl: Skinned alive and shot by the security robot.
  12. Dirtfoot: Slices himself in half with a katana.
  13. Boost Mobile: Killed by a mob of Boost Mobile phones.
  14. Deleted Scenes: Killed by Carl with a shotgun. 
  15. Moonajuana: Dies of smoke inhalation. 
  16. Aqua Teen Cancelation Promo: Killed in an explosion, after crashing into a truck.[1]
  17. Party All the Time:
    1. Killed by venom after eating a scorpion.
    2. Blown up by a rocket.
  18. Boston: Explodes into a puddle of blood.
  19. Endings
    1. Zombie Shake: Becomes zombified.
    2. Determinator: Shot to death by Meatwad.
    3. Earth: Dies when the entire planet explodes.
  20. Colon Movie Film for Theaters:
    1. Killed in an explosion after falling off a cliff. (in the intro)
    2. Has his skull fall out of his head. (in the intro)
    3. Commits suicide by jumping out of the window.
  21. Reedickyoulus: Becomes zombified.
  22. The Marines: Shoots his head off with a shotgun to avoid having to join the Marines.
  23. Bible Fruit: Dies along with the fruits when the house explodes, after being cut in half by them.
  24. She Creature: Killed by Terry and Dante with a chainsaw.
  25. Fry Legs: Dragged into the sewers by the Computer Repair Woman and killed in an explosion of blood.
  26. Last Last One Forever and Ever: Dies in a fiery explosion along with Frylock and Carl.
  27. A PE Christmas: Has eels explode out of his body
  28. Eggball: Gets blown up with lasers by Rudy.
  29. Juggalo:
    1. Kills himself with a shotgun.
    2. Gets hit in the head with a piece of concrete.
  30. Multiple Meat: Kills himself with a gun.
  31. The Creditor: Has his skull ripped out by the Creditor.
  32. Vampirus: Gets mauled by bears.
  33. Last Dance for Napkin Lad: Gets shot to death by Meatwad.
  34. Big Bro: Kills himself with a shotgun. 
  35. Shirt Herpes:
    1. Gets reduced to a skeleton after being submerged in lava.
    2. Gets ripped in half by a demon.
  36. Bookie: Dies of blood loss after shoving a sword into his mouth.
  37. Totem Pole: Dies along with Carl when an army of skeletons show up and eat them.
  38. Muscles: Gets eaten by coyotes.
  39. Merlo Sauvignon Blanco: A golf ball hits him in the head, killing him.
  40. Piranha Germs: Explodes due to being filled with a highly flammable substance.
  41. The Hairy Bus: Dies along with The Hairy Bus in an explosion.
  42. Sweet C: Internally attacked by bees. 
  43. Knapsack!: Either dies from poisoning after swallowing detergent or being blown up by a missile.
  44. Hospice: Burned alive by Meatwad.
  45. The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It): Eaten alive by clams.
  46. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Shot to death by the police along with several past villains.
  47. Slim Jim Commercial 2017: Eaten by a giant anaconda.[2]
  48. "The Dumbest Doll of All": Explodes after being thrown on the ground by Frylock and Meatwad.

Total amount of deaths: 57



  • In the movie, it is revealed that Shake can remove his straw.
    • In Banana Planet it is also revealed that he can use his straw to smell things.
  • In the intros to both Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Aqua Something You Know Whatever he is known as "Shake Zula." This was also mentioned in "Dirtfoot."
  • Shake appears to have no brain. This is because when Dr. Weird was creating him, he instead gave Shake half of his hair and his kidney to use as a brain, and he believed this would be enough to compensate for a brain.
    • Although it is unknown if it was truly a brain, The Brain Fairy from the episode of the the same name harvested him of it. This also reveals that he has internal organs, like a heart, veins, and intestines. He is able to continue moving and talking even without the "brain."
  • In multiple episodes, it mentions that Shake is an avid fan of Heavy metal rock music.
  • Master Shake as depicted in "Baffler Meal"

    In the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode, Baffler Meal, early versions of the entire Aqua Teen Hunger Force are shown. As a result, Master Shake's flavor is depicted to be that of chocolate ice cream. This was later changed due to the fact the show's creators and producers felt that chocolate resembled fecal matter. The green substance he ejects from his straw on occasion is suggested to be pistachio flavored ice cream, though this has not been confirmed or elaborated on.
  • It seems like Shake has a taste for human flesh, eating Carl's dick and enjoying the flavor in Dickesode, as well as eating "Inside-Out Boy" after mistaking him for cherry cobbler left in the bathtub at the end of the episode Circus. Shake even ended up devouring Meatwad's dog, Carl, and a doctor's hands in order to satisfy his tattoo in Freedom Cobra.
  • Shake is allergic to shellfish.
  • In "Last Last One Forever and Ever", he is portrayed by H. Jon Benjamin, who wears a white jumpsuit, yellow gloves, and a backwards pink baseball cap (to mimic Shake's pink straw), and goes by the name "Don Shake."
  • In 2010 during the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live" tour, series creator Dave Willis confirmed that Dr. Weird is indeed the creator of Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Chicken Bittle, making them all brothers.
  • In a Season 5 episode, Shake claims that he is 30 or 40 years old (despite acting like a teenager). In "Rabbot Redux", it is mentioned that Shake is almost 40 years old. In Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, Frylock mentioned that "he was pushing 40".
  • Shake is not depicted as being religious, but in the episode "Der Inflatable Fuhrer," it is implied that Shake is a Scientologist.[3]
  • Shake had previously been depicted as a fan of Battlefield Earth (and a collector of 7-11 Cups related to the movie) in the episode "Broodwich".[4]
  • Shake does not have his own bedroom in the house. The only mention of this in the show was at the end of "Handbanana". It is implied throughout the show he simply sleeps on the chair or the floor in the living room in front of the TV. According to Dave Willis, this is because they forgot to give him a bedroom. [5]
  • In a 2009 interview, Snyder has said, "I’m into old showbiz stuff like Don Rickles, which I think reflects in Master Shake, of course. I always inject little secret nods to my old comedic heroes..."[6] Co-creator and co-writer Willis said, "The guy who's the main voice of Master Shake, Dana Snyder, is really, really talented, and helped us take that character in a totally different direction."
  • Out of the deaths of the Aqua Teens, Master Shake has the most deaths. Also on that note, Shake has the second most deaths out of all the main characters, beaten by Carl who has the most deaths of all of them.
  • It is shown in "She Creature" when Shake jumps off Carl's roof and his lid falls off he can't breathe without it.
  • It is heavily implied throughout the series, for example in "Global Grilling" when he not only buys a grill but also mentions making his balsamic reduction, as well as "Lasagna" where he makes his lasagna only to spite Carl, that Shake enjoys cooking to some extent.
  • In The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It), it is revealed that Shake has always worn yellow dish gloves.