Master Shake, usually referred to as simply Shake, is one of the four main characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teens, Shake is self-absorbed, capricious, and erratic. Suffering from a multitude of mental issues, Master Shake is willing to do anything it takes for a even shred of attention.


As his name implies, Master Shake is a giant white milkshake drinking cup with a pink bendy straw protruding from his head. Although Master Shake does not have a nose, arms, legs or feet, and any reproductive organs, he does have two yellow hands with only four fingers connected to each side of him. His lack of arms is shown to make picking up objects somewhat difficult. While Shake doesn't have legs, he refers to his base as his "one thick ankle" in "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula." Just like Meatwad and Frylock, Shake occasionally wears clothing, but does not typically wear them. Like Frylock, Shake has a jewel, located under his cup, only seen in the The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)

Character Biography[]

Impulsive, self-centered, vain, insecure, and unstable, Master Shake is both the self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force and arguably its weakest link in terms of cohesion. Best described as a free spirit at the best of times and an active detriment at the worst, the sentient milkshake repeatedly proves himself to be foolish and one part of the duo of dorks that play off the straight man of their team, Frylock. While not always the case, Master Shake is often the cause of many of the Aqua Teens’ hijinks, exacerbated by his utter lack of self-awareness on top of his greed, misplaced trust, impulses, secondary emotions, and insecurities.

Predictably unpredictable, Master Shake struggles to regulate his emotion. His moods changing from more or less passive to massively exhilarated, hopeless, viciously angry, then back to calm at a moments notice. This trend of instability also transfers into his relationships, namely with his two brothers and neighbor, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl respectively. Carrying an easily bruised ego and an alarmingly short fuse, Master Shake is effortless to set off. His wrath wildly out of proportion to the situation at hand, he makes his fury known through verbal and physical abuse as well as a ruinous amount of property destruction. More concerned about money,[1] fame, [2] and his fallacious depiction of what he believes love is [3]than the well-being and safety of others and himself, Shake shows a constant childish egocentrism that harms everyone involved.

Desperate for any shred of attention, be it positive or negative, Shake lives to be an embodiment of spectacle. There is no length he won't go to, nor end he won't justify to cultivate some form of attention or acknowledgment. He feels entitled to their attention and feels that they should love and accept him for who he thinks he is – rather than his true self that he is oblivious to. Master Shake carries with him some traits associated with worst types of actors, politicians, and people, all for that sole purpose of attention.


Despite many of the points made above, Master Shake’s egotism, entitlement, anger, and vanity are, in actuality, a myriad web of defensive distortion used to mask feelings of deep envy, loneliness, and shame. Holding a profound fear of abandonment and rejection, he compensates for his underlying feelings of emptiness and insecurity with a grandiose persona. Internalizing both an intense superiority and inferiority complex, as well as an unstable, fragmented sense of self, and a lack of impulse control, Shake becomes overwhelmed when faced with anything he perceives as a slight against him. Unable to cope and confused about where they end and where he begins, Shake subconsciously projects his negative emotions onto others around him, turning his disquieted feelings into choleric aggression, leading to his frequent violent outburst of abuse and rage. He uses these to short-circuit unwanted feelings of humiliation and insult, as well as avail any criticism that threatens to fracture his fragile self.

Mirroring his own insecurities, shame, fragility, as well as his feelings of impending rejection onto those around him that he feels entitled in ‘punishing’ allows Shake some level of grounding using them. In addition, Shake has trouble comprehending a split between himself and others,[4] and going along with this, he flip flops rapidly and starkly between liking someone and despising them, [5] often thinking and acting in extremes with little to no gray area.

The worst of it all is the void within himself; its presence grows when he remains unstimulated, giving birth to a dull and unyielding boredom. When Shake becomes bored, his worst self shows; he can and will commit awful acts to distract himself – or cause a reaction in others to become a distraction – in order to escape the dreadful emotions within. From hurting himself to tormenting Carl in “Lasagna”, Master Shake will do anything to feel something besides that. When all else fails, this turns on himself and his boredom becomes self-destructive. Compounded with his anger at his failures – whether real or imagined as he has admitted in “Ezekiel” – this progresses into direct suicidal tendencies.

While it wouldn't be wrong to say that Master Shake is a bad person, it would, however, be both objectively incorrect and morally bankrupt to merely brand him with a label as 'True Evil' and throw him into that pile with no further thought. Master Shake suffers a myriad of mental issues cast through a humorous lens, but when removed from the lens of comedy it's clear he is a tragic character in his own way.


While it's safe to assume Shake does not possess any college degree, it is unclear if Shake has ever attended formal school. Some of the only mentions of Shake's education come from quick remarks. In "The Cubing," Shake casually mentions hearing one of Dumbassahedratron's jokes in elementary school (though this could be seen as Shake putting down the opposing character's sense of humor rather than a clue that Shake has attended public school). He does fairly consistently know how to read (unlike Meatwad), but he proves to rather uneducated in many respects.

Oddly enough though, in several episodes such as "Circus", Shake has an unusual interest in the stock market and in "Shake Like Me", appears conscious about his 401k once returned to his usual self. He also proves to know at least a little bit about show business in the episode "One Hundred."

Skills and Talents[]

Despite his overall stupidity, Shake possesses an exceptional knowledge in cooking. In "Lasagna", he is revealed to make a professional dish of four-cheese lasagna, which he claims to have learned how to make when he traveled to New York. In addition, "Super Sir Loin" reveals that Shake knows how to cook steak and eggs and duck à l'orange. However, his ability to cook seems to only be used for malicious purposes, such as interfering with Meatwad's diet ("Diet" of Season 3) or torturing Carl ("Lasagna" of Season 8).

In various episodes, Shake is shown to be an avid fan of heavy metal music. He owns two electric guitars and has connections with musicians like Zakk Wylde and Glenn Danzig. His talent at music is often at a beginner level, but in the Season 12 episode "A Quiet Shake," he is telepathically gifted the ability to play guitar professionally.

Aside from his talent in cooking, Shake is shown to know how to operate a helicopter at the end of "Lasagna". He is also skilled in the use of weaponry, ranging from knives to firearms, even if only used for malicious purposes like harming his enemies or committing suicide.


While Master Shake doesn’t have any meaningful relationships, even being implied to isolate himself in “IAMAPOD”, he has the tendency to become easily and quickly attached to new people, idealizing them to support his needs and mental narrative, sometimes even clinging onto them. Desperate for love and attention, Shake will impulsively jump into a friendship or relationship without any consideration for himself or the person involved. Easily seen through his behaviors and actions is a profound dependency on others.[6]Shake measures his self-worth on how they view him, and relies on them to support the most basic of his self-esteem.[7] His mind reshapes them and their relationships to be wholly beneficial to himself, and this becomes his reality. It's when they contradict the narrative, and worse: his needs, that they become subjects for his ire, or malice.[8]

This cycle is born from his fear of abandonment and rejection, as well as a yearning to protect himself from feelings of shame and disappointment. Master Shake’s immediate reflex when faced with humiliation, inadequacy, or betrayal is to lash out and devalue the one’s he once idolized for breaking the illusion, splitting on them. This usually manifests as outward verbal attacks and assault. Although, it can also manifest internally towards himself, spiraling into a deep depression or mania, ultimately taking form of self-destructive behavior, bursts of self-harm, or suicidality[9] when felt abandoned or rejected.

The natural consequence of these actions and thoughts, of course, begets a specific slew of complicated and unstable relationships; those subjected to his changing whims and temperament don't know why they're treated how they are, and it makes relationships with Shake rocky. This distance with Shake is perceived as yet another negative reaction towards himself and fuels the self-same cycle, while also worsening his self-conscious issues. This pushes him to act out in anger against his family, his friends, as well as objects around him, and even himself, in order to feel something beyond the loneliness inside.

Ultimately, Master Shake wishes to be loved and accepted. Longing for warmth and affection, he is constantly looking for someone who will acknowledge and want him, even rejecting the prospect of a prostitute in favor of pursuing a woman himself in “Vampirus.” However, there’s a fatal flaw in Shake’s desires: his concept of love is fallacious. It’s a sad truth that Master Shake does not understand what true love is, often mistaking obsession and limerence with genuine affection.[10] Shake thinks being loved means being worshiped,[11] and that being worshiped means being accepted or wanted. This self-absorbed misconception applies to how other people view him as well as his own views towards others, confusing his unhealthy infatuation with love as seen in his relationship with “Freda” and “Dusty Gozongas”, both of which he claimed to be in love with after only knowing them for a few days and a few minutes respectively. Master Shake will frequently take, but not often give. When he does give, he gives the wrong things, usually his entire identity to appear more likable or otherwise idealizing someone so much, he tries to ‘adopt’ their personality.


Master Shake’s relationship with Frylock is the most consistent one Shake has, even though it’s not a good or healthy relationship. Frylock demonizes and demeans Shake at almost every opportunity and when he isn’t, he’s either downplaying Shake’s desires or ignoring his existence as best he can. He makes it no secret that he has little patience for Shake and almost no care left for him either, almost always taking Meatwad’s side instead, preferring Meatwad over Shake.

Shake, despite acting as Frylock’s scapegoat, has shown a yearning to become closer with Frylock. He admits this in “Hospice” as well as seeking Frylock’s approval and validation in “The Dudies.” Nevertheless, Frylock’s chronic remoteness and antagonism toward Shake creates a contention point between them. Shake despises Frylock for continuously shattering his illusions of closeness as well as thinking the worst of him no matter what. Shake reflects Frylock’s subtle and not-so-subtle abuse back at him, his projection only causing more anger and distrust from Frylock, creating an endless cycle of passive aggressiveness and not-so passive slights.


Shake’s maladaptive thoughts and behaviors commonly affects Meatwad the most. Shake is seen frequently abusing, tormenting, and bullying the young meatball as he is a easy target for Shake’s projections. On top of that, Shake has seemingly built up a resentment of Meatwad as he tend to play the role of ‘Favorite Child’, being preferred over Shake by both Frylock and Carl.

These actions are, however, not one-sided as we’ve seen Meatwad unfairly mistreat and manipulate Shake even without provocation, most notably in “Party All The Time” where Meatwad tricks Shake into getting stung by a swarm of bees and eating a scorpion which later almost kills him. Perhaps worse than that, Meatwad heavily manipulates and exploits Shake’s insecurities and body dysmorphia in “Supermodel” to convince him to undergo dangerous and illegal plastic surgery, mutilating Shake’s body, and then mocking and shaming Shake afterwards.

Despite this, Shake does not hate Meatwad, he’s actually fond of him, he just doesn’t like him all the time. There are multiple instances of the two brothers getting along, bantering together, and even playing games together as seen in “Wi-tri” and “Grim Reaper Gutters.” These erratic shifts between liking Meatwad to despising him for no apparent reason are unpredictable and haphazard with seemingly little to no warning or awareness on Shake’s behalf. On the few cases he seems to be aware of his actions, they are predominantly impulsive.


Despite Carl’s apparent disdain for the drink cup, Shake often mistakes their relationship to be closer than it actually is. As seen in “Super Squatter”, Shake dismisses Carl’s boundaries, completely careless to them; believing himself to be entitled to Carl's possessions as two best friends might be. Carl will even abuse Shake’s mostly one-sided friendship with him to order the milkshake into doing favors for him while also implanting unhealthy ideas and habits inside Shake.

In addition, just like Meatwad and Frylock, Carl is also subjected to Shake’s varying and, at times, volatile mood swings, temper, and projections. In “Laser Lenses”, Shake treats Carl as though he is beneath him, and thus servile to him, demanding Carl buy him food and then bullying him for the entertainment of it and to feel in control.

Nonetheless, the two have bonded partially; notably in “The Dudies” when Shake admits he admires Carl and processes to takes his advice, attempting to win Carl’s approval by mimicking him. This is an example of not only Shake’s unstable sense of self, but also his need for validation and attention from others. Their strongest bonding occurred most recently in “Anubis” when Shake sweetly comforts a crying Carl and reassures him of their friendship.

Powers and Abilities[]

Unlike his brothers Frylock and Meatwad, Shake does not appear to possess any kind of special or remotely useful powers. The only real power that he frequently displays is his ability to rhythmically contract his body and eject some type of thick, green fluid through his straw (which does absolutely nothing except splatter on the ground).

Shake can also suck up water through the end of his straw, as shown in the episode, "Bus of the Undead."

On the very last episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, Shake had the same jewel like Frylock on the bottom of him. And he was going to blast them with his eyes, but it didn't work because his jewel was dying out too.


Given his laziness and contempt for authority, most of Shake's actual paying jobs (not counting his get-rich-quick schemes that never pan out) have been forced on him by Frylock and never last very long.

The closest thing Shake has had to an actual job is likely found in the episode "Robositter," where he worked at "Slurp-a-Lunch" at the mall with Frylock as his supervisor. This job involved him turning meats, particularly ham, into smoothies. Shake quickly decided that the job was stupid and started goofing off. He even broke into a room that only managerial staff are allowed into, so he could steal and destroy the rain poncho that Frylock was working so hard for. The only other instance of Shake performing a relatively honest job was in the episode "Piranha Germs," where he was hired to spread a deadly disease.

Shake has also tried making many business deals, usually to scam others out of money. In "Dumber Days," he tried to take advantage of Meatwad's newfound intelligence by taking ten percent of Meatwad's profits by doing almost nothing. Shake also pulled a scam with Carl sometime before the events of "The Meat Zone." This involved selling a large amount of tacky merchandise to promote an oil stain on Carl's driveway that vaguely resembled Jesus. He also tried becoming a musician in "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary," where he made a deal with Zakk Wylde to create a new birthday song to replace the old one. He pulled a similar stunt, when he tried to become a musician after Meatwad became famous in "Chicken and Beans." He also tried to patent the "Buddy Nugget" behind Frylock's back in the episode "Buddy Nugget."

He's also tried to be an assassin in both "2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five" and "Working Stiffs." However, in the former, he tried too hard to be cool and missed every shot, and in the latter, he was too stupid to do anything right and abandoned Meatwad at the first sign of danger.

He's also tried getting into show business. He pitched Meatwad's comic book to [adult swim] in "Rocket Horse Jet Chicken," and he was an actor in "Deleted Scenes." He also stole the identities of two famous rappers to release his own album in "A PE Christmas." He tried performing in "Antenna" and "Dummy Love." Furthermore, he had a hallucination about performing in "Hypno-Germ."

Shake has also held some miscellaneous jobs, such as being a circus freak in "Circus" or becoming a marine in "The Marines", both of which ended in failure and humiliation. He tried becoming a superhero in "Super Hero," but he did not succeed in any way, mostly because of his failed attempt to get superpowers. He ruined Carl's car in a demolition derby in the episode "Kidney Car." He tried becoming a beta tester in "eDork" and "IAMAPOD". In "Last Dance for Napkin Lad," it was supposedly revealed that Shake was actually a spy, and so were Frylock and Meatwad.

Criminal Record[]

NOTE: This list is not yet complete. 

  • Animal Cruelty: In "Reedickyoulus", he microwaves his cat and Meatwad's numerous pets. In "The Marines", he kills a cat with a drill. In "Freedom Cobra", he kicked Meatwad's pet dog, Bobby.
  • Armageddon: In "The Granite Family", he causes a nuclear war and kills almost all life on earth.
  • Arson/Terrorism: In "Super Hero", he sets the city on fire in an attempt to get some publicity.
  • Assault: In “Time Machine”, he knocks Carl out with a lamp.
  • Attempted Murder: Shake attempted to drown Ezekiel in Carl's pool with a block of concrete in the episode titled "Ezekiel."
  • Bestiality/Necrophilia: In "Reedickyoulus", he has sex with the numerous pets he killed. This may also count for necrophilia since they were zombies.
  • Breaking and Entering: In “Super Squatter” he invades Carl's house without his permission. Additionally, in “A PE Christmas”, he attempts to break into a Better Buy.
  • Counterfeiting: Shake, along with Frylock, use their cloning device to counterfeit money in "The Cloning."
  • Draft Evasion: In "The Marines", he attempts suicide in order to avoid having to join the marines. However, he survives and is forced to go anyway, despite his injury.
  • Destruction of Property: Shake often has the tendency to lash out against his surroundings, most notably in "Hands on a Hamburger" wherein Shake shatters a sliding glass window.
  • Eco-Terrorism: In "Revenge of the Trees", Shake, along with Carl, decides to dump the deep fryer's oil in the forest.
  • Enforced Suicide: In "Lasagna", he teases Carl with his lasagna and makes him chase after it, causing Carl to jump out the window, presumably kill himself in the process. He traumatized Meatwad to the point of becoming suicidal in "Zucotti Manicotti", and in “Gee Whiz”, after the Homeless Guy stands on the billboard and claims to be Gee Whiz, Shake asks him if he can fly. In response, the guy jumps off of the billboard and dies upon impacting the road.
  • First-Degree Murder: Manipulated by The Freedom Cobra, Shake murders Carl inside his home.
  • Frameup: In "T-Shirt of the Living Dead", Shake tells Meatwad to take on a hammer form while he breaks the glass case that contains an ancient T-shirt. As he steals it, he leaves Meatwad to take the fall for the security guards as they pile on top of him.
  • Graverobbing: Via Frylock request, Shake is ordered to find a substitute body for Carl in "Total Re-Carl."
  • Identity Theft: In “A PE Christmas”, he steals Flavor Flav's identity and releases a Christmas album under his name.
  • Illegal Possession of Firearms: Shake and Frylock own at least two guns; these had to have been obtained illegally as the two are not U.S. citizens.
  • Mayhem: Shake, by his tattoo's demand, was put into a trance and forced to eat human flesh in "Freedom Cobra."
  • Manslaughter: In "Juggalo", he throws a piece of concrete at a highway, causing a car crash and killing at least one person in the process. In "Brain Fairy", he accidentally runs over a homeless man while taking his drivers test.
  • Murder by Proxy: In "Zucotti Manicotti", he tricks Meatwad into killing the titular character.
  • Obstruction of Justice: In “The Creditor”, Shake is coerced and blackmailed into helping the titular character bury dead bodies.
  • Stalking: In "Freda" after falling into depression, Shake stalks Freda in attempt to win her back several times.
  • Theft/Robbery: In “T-Shirt of the Living Dead”, he steals an ancient T-shirt from a museum. In “Kidney Car”, he steals Carl's car and enters it in a demolition derby. Shake also steals Carl's chair, lamp, and pants in "Time Machine."
  • Torture: In "PDA", he uses their portable crane and Carl's pool to torture Meatwad via drowning.


  1. Balloonenstein: Murdered by a giant Meatwad.
  2. Revenge of the Mooninites: Struck by a bus; presumed death - whether or not he survived is unclear.
  3. Dumber Dolls: Struck by lightning.
  4. Super Birthday Snake: Inside a simulation, Frylock accidentally kills Shake along with Meatwad.
  5. Total Re-Carl: Murdered by Meatwad piloting a high-tech suit armed with rockets.
  6. Broodwich: Lobotomized then murdered by “Jerry” with an axe.
  7. The: Presumably dies from conjunctivitis.
  8. Video Ouija: Shake commits suicide by jumping into Carl's piranha filled pool, overdosed on sleeping pills and carbon monoxide.
  9. Unremarkable Voyage: Shake is tortured by Meatwad, Frylock, and Carl, dying of shock and blood loss.
  10. eDork: Shake is electrocuted alongside Carl.
  11. The South Bronx Paradise Diet: Shake hooks himself via his straw to a vacuum in an attempt to loss weight.
  12. Carl: Shake gruesomely gets his skin pulled off before dying to Frylock’s security bot ordered by Meatwad.
  13. Dirtfoot: Accidentally slices himself in half with a katana.
  14. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Star-Studded Christmas Spectacular with Rhon Geremi: Murdered by Carl with a shotgun.
  15. Party All the Time: Murdered by Meatwad, dying in an explosion.
  16. Boston: Explodes into a puddle of blood.
  17. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters: Commits suicide by jumping out of the window.
  18. Reedickyoulus: Becomes zombified.
  19. Bible Fruit: Murdered by Meatwad and Frylock alongside the fruits inside a house explosion.
  20. She Creature: Killed by Terry with a chainsaw.
  21. Fry Legs: Murdered by the Computer Repair Woman inside a sewer.
  22. The Last Last One Forever and Ever: Dies in a fiery explosion along with Frylock and Carl.
  23. A PE Christmas: Dies by eel parasites exploding out of his body.
  24. Eggball: Murdered by Rudy.
  25. Juggalo: Commits suicide with a shotgun.
  26. Multiple Meat: Commits suicide by gunshot.
  27. The Creditor: Murdered by The Creditor, having his skull and spinal column brutally ripped from his body.
  28. Vampirus: Mauled by bears.
  29. Last Dance for Napkin Lad: Shot three times by Meatwad.
  30. Shirt Herpes: Dies within a dream.
    1. Gets reduced to a skeleton after being submerged in lava.
    2. Gets ripped in half by a demon.
  31. Bookie: Tricked into suicide by Meatwad and Carl after being tortured.
  32. Totem Pole: Murdered alongside Carl by an army of skeletons.
  33. Muscles: Mauled by coyotes.
  34. Merlo Sauvignon Blanco: Shake is hit by a golf ball; presumed death - whether this was fatal is unclear.
  35. Piranha Germs: Killed by a dinosaur with Meatwad and his manager.
  36. The Hairy Bus: Murdered by Frylock inside The Hairy Bus.
  37. Sweet C: Internally attacked by bees; presumed death.
  38. Knapsack!: Killed by missile after collapsing from poison.
  39. Hospice: Set on fire by Meatwad; unclear if he died.
  40. The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It): Eaten alive by clams.
  41. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Shot to death by the police along with several past villains.
  42. The Dumbest Doll of All: Murdered by Frylock and Meatwad.
  43. Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm: Devoured by Carl, Markula, the Fraptaculans, and the Japongaloids (later resurrected as a vampire)
  44. Get Lit Upon a Situpon: Killed in a comet's collision with the Earth.

Confirmed deaths: 34

Presumed deaths: 5

Dream deaths: 4

Total amount of deaths: 45



  • In the movie, it is revealed that Shake can remove his straw.
    • In Banana Planet it is also revealed that he can use his straw to smell things.
  • In the intros to both Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Aqua Something You Know Whatever he is known as "Shake Zula." This was also mentioned in "Dirtfoot."
  • Shake knows how to make a dish of lasagna, steak, and duckling a l'orange. It is heavily implied that throughout the series, Shake enjoys cooking to some extent.
  • Shake also knows how to operate a helicopter at the end of Lasagna.
  • Shake appears to have no brain. This is because when Dr. Weird was creating him, he instead gave Shake half of his hair and his kidney to use as a brain, and he believed this would be enough to compensate for a brain.
    • Although it is unknown if it was truly a brain, The Brain Fairy from the episode of the the same name harvested him of it. This also reveals that he has internal organs, like a heart, veins, and intestines. He is able to continue moving and talking even without the "brain."
    • Master Shake showed his brain in Intervention.
  • In multiple episodes, it mentions that Shake is an avid fan of Heavy metal rock music.
  • Baffler Meal Master Shake

    Master Shake as depicted in "Baffler Meal"

    In the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode, Baffler Meal, early versions of the entire Aqua Teen Hunger Force are shown. As a result, Master Shake's flavor is depicted to be that of chocolate ice cream. This was later changed due to the fact the show's creators and producers felt that chocolate resembled fecal matter. The green substance he ejects from his straw on occasion is suggested to be pistachio flavored ice cream, though this has not been confirmed or elaborated on.
  • It seems like Shake has a taste for human flesh, eating Carl's dick and enjoying the flavor in Dickesode, as well as eating "Inside-Out Boy" after mistaking him for cherry cobbler left in the bathtub at the end of the episode Circus. Shake even ended up devouring Meatwad's dog, Carl, and a doctor's hands in order to satisfy his tattoo in Freedom Cobra.
  • Shake is allergic to shellfish.[12]
  • In "Last Last One Forever and Ever", he is portrayed by H. Jon Benjamin, who wears a white jumpsuit, yellow gloves, and a backwards pink baseball cap (to mimic Shake's pink straw), and goes by the name "Don Shake."
  • In 2010 during the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live" tour, series creator Dave Willis confirmed that Dr. Weird is indeed the creator of Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Chicken Bittle, making them all brothers.
  • In a Season 5 episode, Shake claims that he is 30 or 40 years old (despite acting like a teenager). In "Rabbot Redux", it is mentioned that Shake is almost 40 years old. In Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, Frylock mentioned that "he was pushing 40".
  • Shake is not depicted as being religious, but in the episode "Der Inflatable Fuhrer," it is implied that Shake is a Scientologist.[13]
  • Shake had previously been depicted as a fan of Battlefield Earth (and a collector of 7-11 Cups related to the movie) in the episode "Broodwich".[14]
  • Shake does not have his own bedroom in the house. The only mention of this in the show was at the end of "Handbanana". It is implied throughout the show he simply sleeps on the chair or the floor in the living room in front of the TV. According to Dave Willis, this is because they forgot to give him a bedroom. [15]
  • In a 2009 interview, Snyder has said, "I’m into old showbiz stuff like Don Rickles, which I think reflects in Master Shake, of course. I always inject little secret nods to my old comedic heroes..."[16] Co-creator and co-writer Willis said, "The guy who's the main voice of Master Shake, Dana Snyder, is really, really talented, and helped us take that character in a totally different direction."
  • Out of the deaths of the Aqua Teens, Master Shake has the most deaths. Also on that note, Shake has the second most deaths out of all the main characters, beaten by Carl who has the most deaths of all of them.
  • It is shown in "She Creature" when Shake jumps off Carl's roof and his lid falls off he can't breathe without it.
  • In The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It), it is revealed that Shake has always worn yellow dish gloves.
  • During the end credit scene for Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, Master Shake is transformed into a vampire by Markula. Shake has expressed extreme fear of vampires many times throughout the show