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Master Shake's Incredible Adventures is a pinball machine game created by Master Shake himself. It is a custom made pinball machine and it appears in the episode "Eggball" where Shake seeks out to find another one of his prized Eggballs for his pinball machine, after Meatwad mistook his balls for regular eggs. The machine has many characters from the show featured on the design of the machine and in the game itself. The pinball game is based on "Shake's Incredible Adventures" even though he doesn't have any, which Frylock points out too.

Features Of The Game[]

Just as Master Shake described, the machine has 18 flippers, a water fountain in the middle, a foot peddle that controls the angle of the board and the ball contained within the game is an egg from a rare flightless bird Shake met. The back of the machine features a giant model of Shake wearing a crown that has the scoreboard wear the mouth should be. There are also a lot of sound effects in the game including Shake's quote from "MC Pee Pants" - "I Should Not Walk, So A Child May Live" and Ignignokt's quote from "Mayhem of the Mooninites" - "[Flipping Off The Aqua Teens] I'm Doing This As Hard As I Can."

Characters Featured On Machine[]

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This is the list of characters from the show that are featured in the game or on the side of the pinball machine.

On The Side Of The Machine:

In The Pinball Game:

Other Notable Items:

Sayings From The Game[]