Merlo is a hypnotist that appears in Merlo Sauvignon Blanco. He is an angry and lonely man who hypnotizes Master Shake, forcing him to do insane requests for him, such as splashing acid on his ex wife's van and attacking Unbelievable Ron with an axe. After immobilizing Frylock and siccing Mind Mosquito on him, he forces Shake to play golf with him, but finds that he prefers Meatwad, as he does not have to hypnotize him to make him spend time with him.

Merlo is voiced by Henry Zebrowski.


The following are commands used by Merlo on Master Shake, however he may or may not use different commands on separate hosts:

  • Shellfish - Makes Shake pour acid on the van of Merlo's ex-wife.
  • Topical analgesic - Makes Shake violently attack Unbelieveable Ron with an axe.
  • Pleated pants - Makes Shake get his belongings in suitcases.
  • Western omelet - Makes Shake attack a target with nunchuks.
  • Merle Haggard - Makes Shake attack the target with throwing stars.
  • Vegemite sandwich - Makes Shake play golf. It has also been noted that the use of this command forces Shake to refocus and re-try to hit the golf ball.



  • He is a possible reference to several well known hypnotists
  • Mind Mosquito has claimed to have sucked Merlo's brain quite some time ago so he may be an example of the "husk" left behind.
  • He also made a surprise return in Aquadonk Side Pieces where he hypnotizes Carl.