Mind Mosquito was a super-intelligent, mind sucking mosquito that appears in Merlo Sauvignon Blanco. He was held captive by Merlo, who orders him to suck Frylock's brain dry. Frylock, who was pinned to the wall by throwing stars, convinces him to remove the throwing stars in exchange for the mosquito's freedom, but he is too weak and he is eventually crushed by Carl. He is voiced by Jason Ashy Larry Steinberg.


After Frylock is pinned to the wall by throwing stars, Mind Mosquito is released by Merlo and orders him to suck Frylocks brain. After a short conversation ensues, Mind Mosquito reveals that he "sucked that fools," brain a long time ago. Frylock then asked him how he got trapped and if he could remove the throwing stars. Mind Mosquito replies that he wants to be set free first, to which Frylock replies that he can't do that until he is free. Mind Mosquito is later squished by Carl.


  • He tells him that he will suck his brain out if Frylock keeps getting smart with him, which would again leave Frylock incapable of opening the window.
  • Mind Mosquito, despite having a reputation of sucking a persons brain out and gaining their knowledge, seems rather lacking in common sense.