Monster is the 93rd episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the fifth episode of season seven.


Meatwad is too scared to sleep in his own room because he believes a monster lurks within. Master Shake tries to trick Meatwad into thinking that there really is a monster, so Meatwad will hire him as a professional Monster Hunter. Meatwad spends a night in a hotel and uses Frylock's credit card. Tired of Meatwad being too scared to sleep in his own room, Frylock tries to get Carl to pretend to be the monster that's scaring Meatwad.

When the Aqua Teens investigate they see Carl, and Frylock uses a taser on him. The Aqua Teens find out that the monster was really their gerbil Starsky, which really turns out to be a demonic monster. It infects Master Shake and turns him into a demonic monster. The three spend the next weekend at the hotel in which Meatwad had stayed. Master Shake, still infected, hops out the window into the giant fountain below. He returns to their room with Carl's head on a platter and shrieks: "ROOM SERVICE!"


  1. Carl is beheaded by Master Shake.


  • Dana Snyder is Meatwad's limo driver.
  • Carl's penis is still censored in the uncensored version.
  • The bottle Shake drinks from is the same one from A PE Christmas and looks like Canada Dry ginger ale.
  • Carl's monster costume can be seen again in One Hundred.
  • This is the first episode, as well as the only episode outside of season 12 to not have subtitles in all caps.
    • However, if season 12 wasn't announced, this would have been the only episode to not have the subtitles in all caps.
  • When Frylock says "It's the same damn chair you've been looking at for the last ten years!" that is a nod to how long Aqua Teen has been on the air.