"Moon Master" is the eighth episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 50th overall.


"Spacecataz" open[]

Ignignokt and Err spray-paint "We Eat Our Own Farts" onto Oglethorpe and Emorys' spaceship.


Shake is asleep until Meatwad wakes him up to ask him where his game console is. Shake changed it into a game called Ant Madness, which is really food jammed into the cartridge slot and left for the ants. Frylock help cleans it off and asks if Meatwad has any other games, Meatwad happens to have a new game call Moon Master. Meatwad plays the game and easily beats the first two levels and the boss. Then Ignignokt and Err break into the house and say that Meatwad is a "true moon master", and need his help, and must buy the Moon Master Kit in order to destroy the Gorgotron and save their race. Meatwad then goes on a quest to get his catalog signed in order get the Gorgotron destroyed. Outside, Meatwad tries to get Shake's attention. But Shake angrily comes out of the house and yells, "WHAT?!". But soon Meatwad finds out that Shake is also a Moon Master. Frylock comes out and questions how buying Moon Master merchandise is going to defeat the Gorgotron. Shake and Meatwad try to get him to sign their catalog, but Frylock refuses. Then, the Mooninites saying that they need their printer after finding a picture of their friend and make 2 million dollars doing this. Frylock questions the Mooninites on going back to the moon, but Ignignokt says that it is the Gorgotron's nap time, and they then find out that Carl is also involved. Err says that the Gorgotron is coming and leaves with Ignignokt. But it turns out that the Gorgotron wasn't really there and Carl was doing it for the Ferrari. The Mooninites proceed to scam their Moon Master gear on the moon, but it turns out that the Gorgotron is real. The Gorgotron proceeds to step on Err for calling him a fatty.


  1. Err is crushed underfoot by Gorgatron


  • When killing the Gorgatron in the Moon Master game, the announcer says "Headshot, Rampage, Killing Spree," being a reference to the 1999 first person shooter video game, Unreal Tournament.
  • This episode is renamed "Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning" on DVD.
    • This episode is also renamed "The Mooninites: Final Mooning" on HBO Max.
  • When Meatwad uses the Lunar Melting Amulet, it plays a melody of the show's opening theme.