Mothmonsterman (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is a giant humanoid moth creature genetically engineered by Dr. Weird. He escapes the lab through the hole left by Rabbot when he is attracted to the city by the light of Shake's "Shake Signal". When the light is turned off, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to get it turned back on, which basically entails him manning a school bus, eating holes in Shake's flag, and calling the Aqua Teens' house about the light. Shake manages to convince Meatwad that Mothmonsterman is the bus and that the bus is Dracula. When Frylock takes Shake to Memphis, Tennessee to prove that Dracula is dead (by visiting a tourist trap called "Dracla's [sic] Grave"), Mothmonsterman takes over the house and finally gets to turn the light back on.

Mothmonsterman is an easygoing fellow, who rarely goes through much trouble to achieve his ends. He can asexually reproduce and apparently has around 1,000 children, as he "laid about a thousand of [his] eggs" is Carl's esophagus. He owns a house in Belize.

In The Last One, Mothmonsterman became a member of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... along with other past villains to take revenge against the Aqua Teens, though that ends up not working out at all.

Mothmonsterman appeared in the final episode, The Greatest Story Ever Told. where he is seen attending chruch with Shake, Meatwad, and several other characters, and tries to gun down Frylock, Carl and Lambert under Shake's orders, but is unsuccessful due to them being immortal, he is then shot to death by two police officers.



  1. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Gunned down by the police.


  • He appears to be attracted to bright lights, similar to a real moth.
  • He is one of many creations of Dr. Weird.
  • Mothmonsterman share's many similarities to the cryptid known as Mothman.