"Mouth Quest" is the first episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 131st episode of the series overall.


Frylock walks into the living room to see Meatwad watching television. Meatwad immediately smarts off to Frylock, and Frylock states that Meatwad will be very sorry when he no longer has a mouth. Meatwad tells Frylock that he's watching a monster destroying town, and Shake rushes into the room to promote "Honest Abe Lincoln's Hot Links," which is "now available in 'tough & tenacious teriyaki." A real-world hand moves Shake so that he is sitting on the chair, and Meatwad asks how he got so fast. Shake simply says the hot links must've given him super speed, mostly because Shake doesn't know how to explain the cheap use of stop-motion animation. The Aqua Teens go outside, and they are attacked by a large mascot for the product. Shake says they must open their mouths and "feast on his protein reign," but the show is then interrupted when Toby, the stop-motion animator, leaves. The Aqua Teens argue with the mascot about how stupid they think his product's marketing is, going so far as to claim they are the cheapest show that was willing to sell out and therefore the only one the company could afford. The Aqua Teens discover that Meatwad has indeed lost his mouth, which is now stuck to the animator's hand. Shortly afterwards the Aqua Teens look up the animator and make their way to Rex, Georgia to find him.

Upon arriving there, they see Toby holding Presbobot, another stop-motion character who's a Christian robot that Toby has been working with. Toby leaves to use the bathroom, and Frylock discusses a way to break in without being noticed. Shake instead breaks the glass window, and Presbobot begins fighting with them. Shortly after the battle which involves Presbobot's shooting laser beams begins, Meatwad mind links with Presbobot to find his weakness. It turns out that Presbobot has a gambling problem and a strange obsession with wearing women's shoes, but Meatwad cannot tell them this because he has no mouth. The Aqua Teens and the mascot are knocked unconscious, and Presbobot ties them to wooden plus signs. Presbobot leaves to make a phone call regarding gambling, and the mascot knocks him off the table. However, Toby comes back and Presbobot mind links with him to get him to destroy the Aqua Teens and the mascot. It doesn't seem to work, but Presbobot continues to put more and more pieces of a robot suit on Toby. Toby starts having trouble breathing, and Presbobot realizes he's made a mistake. He soon regrets his decision as Toby dies in his robotic form, laying dead on the floor right in front of Presbobot as his fate remains unknown. Frylock says they should go, but the mascot complains that they haven't made it to the mouth yet. Looking into the toilet, Shake decides they should just leave it and find another one.

The Aqua Teens and the mascot return to the house, and the mascot is very angry that they didn't go on any adventure. Shake suggests that they have an alien come out of Meatwad's body, so an alien does indeed burst out of Meatwad's chest, thus killing Meatwad and starts shooting lasers. Shake, Frylock, and the mascot leave in a stop-motion flying saucer to escape, and the mascot makes one final crack about the show's lack of quality.

Featured characters


  1. Toby suffocates to death.
  2. Meatwad has an alien burst out of his body, killing him.


  • This is the only episode that does not feature the show's regular animation.
  • Presbobot is a combination of the Presbyterian faith and the word "Robot".
  • This is the last episode that Carl does not make an appearance.