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Mr. Sticks
Mr. Sticks Aqua Teen Broodwich Episode 34
Unknown (Referred to as Mr. Sticks in the credits)

Mr. Sticks is Dennis' friend. He is a triangular-shaped being that lives in the Broodwich Dimension. He and Dennis (called "Jerry" by Meatwad) enjoy talking about their wives, and what they hate. He is portrayed by H. Jon Benjamin.


Mr. Sticks seems to be like Dennis, according to his conversation with him - he is having marriage problems and thinks his wife is a bitch.

Role in the plot[]

While Mr. Sticks has a very short appearance, he does hold some of the episodes comedic effect value; While he and Dennis are talking about their wives, Shake is standing behind Dennis and his presence is alerted by Mr. Sticks.


  • While they do not look like traditional demons, both he and Dennis do take some of the stereotypical acts of unholy beings; some examples includes heads in jars and a skull collection.
  • It should also be noted that Mr. Sticks and Dennis also hold human qualities such as marriage and debate over to where to put personal items with their wives.
  • In the episode, Mr. Sticks is never named directly, only in the credits. However, Shake does refer to Dennis as "Mr. Sticks" when Meatwad returns from the Broodwich Dimension.