Multiple Meat is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the ninety-seventh overall.


Master Shake is in the back yard of his house using a sword to cut Meatwad in half. After Meatwad was cut into two pieces, both pieces get up and both have the same personality as Meatwad, and the two start talking. Later in Frylock's room, Frylock explains to Shake that every time Meatwad is cut up he will multiply, like a worm. The two halves of Meatwad both attempt to enter the house, after realizing they both can't fit in at once, they both get into a long discussion, which lasts several months, on who should go first, until Frylock eventually tricks them both into coming inside. Soon afterwards, Shake cuts Meatwad up seven more times, thus creating a total of eight Meatwads. Carl later attempts to scam the eight different Meatwads in a game of Texas hold 'em, by playing with flashcards. Carl wins the game but storms out of the room treating revenge from his cousin, when he found out he was only playing for play money, a backscratcher, and two of Meatwad's dolls. Master Shake then continues to cut up Meatwad, till the point were there is enough Meatwads to fill up the entire living room, all of which attempt to form a group. After seeing this Frylock decides to leave home, after telling the Meatwads to sing "3 million bottles of beer on the wall", which they can not sing correctly, which annoys Master Shake. Twenty-seven years after leaving Master Shake and the Meatwads alone, Frylock returns to give Master Shake a bug bomb, where he finds the house is in ruins, Master Shake has punctured his eyes and ears out, and the Meatwads still sing the same song incorrectly. Frylock tells Master Shake that after leaving home he wrote a successful book, which turned into a franchise of movies, television shows, and series of self-help discs; and that he later on married Cheryl Tiegs, then her grand daughter, then explains he also bought a small island and the New York Giants by living very happily there. The Meatwads finally finish the song, and soon start over, which leads to Master Shake's off air gunshot suicide. The episode ends with Frylock leaving the house in a white limousine.


  1. Technically speaking, the original Meatwad is killed by Master Shake via, slicing him in half with a sword. But in turn creating two smaller identical Meatwad-clones.
  2. Master Shake slices Meatwad in half roughly 107 times after the original is killed.
  3. Master Shake kills himself with a gun offscreen.


  • Around the four minute mark, it starts snowing outside. Yet, when it cuts to the next scene, with Shake sawing the Meatwads into pieces, there is no trace of snow.
  • Despite the fact that all Meatwads deadlocked in voting due to not being able to count, they were successfully able to sing "3 million bottles of beer on the wall".
  • When the Meatwads are playing poker with Carl, their voices get mixed with one another.


  • All of the Meatwads are apparently named with numbers (as Carl calls one of the Meatwads "Seven".)
  • Space Ghost is seen in a dumpster after the twenty-seven years of the Meat Council singing.
  • This is the first time Frylock wears a tuxedo and marries someone. In this episode, he marries Cheryl Teigs. The second time was "Big Bro" where he marries Darlene.
  • At the end of the episode, there's roughly 97-98 Meatwad-clones.