"Muscles" is the first episode of Season 10 and the 121st overall of the Aqua TV Show Show. It premiered on August 11, 2013.


The episode opens with Frylock measuring Master Shake's blood pressure, finding it is dangerously high from obesity. Shake attributes this to his live-fast lifestyle and accuses him of exaggerating, threatening to choke him. As he says this, however, he starts to suffer a stroke (saying the reason he is not choking him is his hands are tingling and unresponsive, his face slowly drooping, before he falls to the ground), and ends up in the hospital. Frylock once again advises Shake to lose weight, and to his credit, he does try, but tires very quickly. When walking by Carl's house, Carl tells him about Thump, an energy drink from Singapore he is distributing that will get Shake buff without doing anything.   

As he returns home, Shake shows off his new strength by tossing an exercising Meatwad, along with Frylock's treadmill, through a wall. Shake attempts to provoke Frylock into a physical altercation as he floats away and avoids confrontation, emphasizing his new testosterone-driven hotheaded attitude.  

After he falls asleep, his muscles come to life. Shake's muscles heads to a local bar, where it kills dozens of people. The next morning, Frylock alarms Shake about the events from the night before, but Shake is unaware of what happened until his muscles come back to life, threatening Frylock and Shake if they do not get more of Carl's energy drink.  

Upon arriving at Carl's house, Shake's muscles begin to break everything that he owns until he gives him his energy drinks. Frylock arrives and gives Shake's muscles two bottles of muscle relaxant and tranquilizer claiming they are "muscle mints" (which Carl reveals he also sells), which sedates his body below the mouth. Frylock then takes Shake to a veal fattening pen to melt away the muscles.  

Six months later, Carl drives Frylock and Meatwad to check on Shake, who has become extremely obese and can only communicate through moos. A saddened Frylock says to Meatwad that Shake has "transformed" and that now, they must leave him to be free with his own kind. Shake tries to warn them to close the gate since there are coyotes nearby, but they cannot understand him. Frylock and Meatwad then sadly leave as Shake is ripped to shreds by the coyotes, while Carl begins to close his car windows and telling the duo to get in the car.


  1. Shake's Muscles are killed after Shake gets too fat.
  2. Master Shake is eaten alive by coyotes.
  3. Multiple people are killed by Shake


  • The cover image for the digital downloads for the tenth season was derived from this episode.
  • Carl telling Shake that "He's just gonna die" is a reference to the episode "Diet", in which the same thing is said to Meatwad.
  • This episode's plot of Shake ingesting a Singapore drink called Thump was confirmed alongside "Piranha Germs" and "Spacecadeuce" when "Totem Pole" premiered.
  • The Singapore drink called Thump appears to be a reference to the fictional beverage Bonk from the class-based shooter Team Fortress 2, in design and in both of their names being a sound effect that come from hitting something.
  • The Thump muscle beverage comes in three flavors: Mango Bitch Slap, Coconut What Did You Say To Me?!, and Blueberry Butt Rape.
  • An edited version of the episode aired for Adult Swim's 2022 April Fools' Day as one of a series of altered shows with glitches related to Learning with Pibby.