Napkin Lad

Napkin Lad

Napkin Lad is a napkin of unknown origins. He may be an Aqua Teen, however, he was not said to have been.


Napkin Lad originated in Space Ghost Coast to Coast's episode Baffler Meal. He ended up being killed at the end by getting water poured on him. However, he was scrapped. Todd Hanson pitched this character during the development of Baffler Meal. They said in the commentary they kept politely saying "I don't know if we want to go that way with it." He was meant to have a cheery attitude and was to promote cleanliness.

In the show

Napkin Lad is in Last Dance for Napkin Lad as a spy. A flashback shows Frylock and Napkin Lad somewhere in the middle east, with Napkin Lad tied up. Frylock then fakes an ambush, and hands Napkin Lad over to Carl and a group of skeletons. Later, Carl pursues Meatwad and Frylock in 2 Wycked, accompanied by Napkin Lad, who has secretly been working with Carl all along.

A car chase ensues, and Meatwad eventually drives off a cliff, into the ocean. Napkin Lad thinks that the Aqua Teens didn't survive, but the cart turns into a submarine (as does 2 Wycked). The chase continues underwater, Frylock pulls a gun on Meatwad,meaning he actually was a double agent. But, Frylock discovers that he was betrayed by Carl who helped fake Napkin Lad's death, while Frylock was out buying blue jeans. Meatwad then escapes the cart before it crashes into a reef, killing Frylock. Seeing this, Carl then shoots Napkin Lad, saying "you've seen too much, and you know too little". This causes 2 Wycked to explode.


  • He is voiced by Todd Hanson, who also conceived the idea of the character.
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