Neil is character from Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm. As the CEO of fictional business Amazin, he is a billionaire tech mogul with insecurities about his physical height, and he serves as the secondary antagonist in the film.

He is voiced by Peter Serafinowicz.

Background and Inspiration[]

According to the director's commentary for Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, Dave Willis was inspired by the lifestyles of people in Silicon Valley, such as Jack Dorsey who co-founded the website Twitter (which rebranded as X in 2023).

Dave Willis also suggested that Neil was inspired by real-life billionaire Jeff Bezos, but the exact qualities of Jeff Bezos that inspired Neil are mostly left to interpretation. His company Amazin is obviously a parody of real-life company, Inc. which has been criticized over the years leading up to the film as a conglomerate that disrupts small business and even other corporations. The film pokes fun at various aspects of the company Amazon and the way the corporation treats its workers at the fulfillment centers. It should be noted that Jeff Bezos stepped down from his position at, Inc. while the film was being made.

Neil draws heavily from the idea of a Napoleon complex.

Fictional Biography[]

Note: This section is incomplete.

Not much is known about Neil's history before the film.

Neil hires thugs to critically injure Frylock (who was posing as someone named "Phoenix" at the time) so that Elmer can use Frylock's "Jewel of Idohacules." He gives Frylock a new box for his body, and claims it is made of an incredibly strong metal called Brotanium (which he later confirms is a lie).


Neil is a very short man, possibly in his late 20s or early 30s. He keeps his blonde hair in a bun.

Big Neil[]

His cloned counterpart "Big Neil" shares many of the same traits but is significantly taller as part of Neil's original goal of putting his consciousness inside a taller copy of himself. Big Neil appears to be abnormally tall, but the only humans he clearly stands next to in the film are Elmer and the live action Shawn Kemp. Big Neil also has a relatively long neck, which may reference the giraffe DNA used to create him (though it's equally possible this is a design quirk).


Despite having insurmountable wealth, Neil is very much mentally unstable. Neil obviously suffers from what is commonly referred to as a Napoleon Complex. He is incredibly insecure about his physical height, which seems to have led to a variety of other behavioral problems. Neil is arrogant, hostile, selfish, fickle, and ruthless. Once betrayed by both Neils, Frylock eventually decides that Neil is worse than his previous roommates, referring to Meatwad but also to the megalomaniacal and physically and verbally abusive Shake.

It can also be asserted that Neil is gullible. He believes in health gimmicks such as running back and forth between a hot sauna and a cold tub of ice to draw out dangerous toxins which he knowingly inserted into his body for this.

It is suggested that Neil suffers from a variety of mental health issues. When Frylock pointed out that Neil discarded his phone and started giving orders to his hand because he thought it was an electronic device, Neil not only became confrontation to Frylock about standing up to his boss because he was unwilling to admit to his mistake, but he also continued speaking into his hand while simultaneously acknowledging that Frylock was correct. After a montage of Neil and Frylock forming a friendship, Neil shoots an endangered Tiger. Frylock finally objects to his lack of respect for life, and Neil goes to pieces because, as Neil himself puts it, he has never valued another person's opinion before.

Big Neil[]

Big Neil shares most of the above personality traits, but since he is actually very tall, he appears more confident about his appearance. Big Neil immediately kills Shawn Kemp by throwing him out the window and almost kill the original Neil as well. The two Neils do not get along until the climax of the movie when the original Neil is needed to pilot the Llama Dolly. The two are only defeated when Frylock subjects them to the sub-mist, which is a fictional gaseous drug originally used to becalm alien employees at the Amazin' Fulfillment Center.


  • The director's commentary confirms that the stretching machine that Neil uses was intended to resemble the Insanoflex from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.
  • The idea of the stretching machine is based on the idea of a medieval torture rack, but certain cartoons throughout the late 20th century and early 21st century have made light of it being used to make fictional characters taller. It is unclear where the joke originated or which example of the joke inspired the creators of the film.
  • While there is no official source as to how tall Big Neil is, Shawn Kemp (who appears in the movie in live action footage rather than an animated caricature) is reportedly six feet, ten inches tall, according to the website Basketball Reference. Based on this information, it is not much of a stretch to suggest that Big Neil is at least seven feet tall.