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Neil or Neil's a Bub is a fourteen-year-old Juggalo who Master Shake hires to teach him how to kill an angel. Once Meatwad and Master Shake create a massive car wreck by throwing a chunk of street curb into the middle of a road, a man who was killed in the diversion reappears before Shake as a vengeful angel. As revenge, the angel forces Shake to pay for his misdeeds, and if he refuses, the angel banishes him into a pit of fire and darkness for a few seconds, nicknamed the "Awful place". After Shake grows sick and tired of doing penance, he hires Neil, believing that he will offer useful advice on how to kill the angel. However, it turns out that Neil was only using Shake as his personal servant and chauffeur, and his advice does not work at all.

Neil is the only character other than Shake who can see and interact with the angel.