“Nude Love”
Nude Love
Artist Master Shake (Dana Snyder)
Genre (Badly sang) Romantic
Duration 1:27

"Nude Love" is a song played in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters by Master Shake to make the Insanoflex kill itself.


Alright, Alright
I Wrote this next one when I broke up with my girlfriend, cause I slept with her friend and then I :dumped the both of them
And I think everyone can relate to the blues, like they had after I dropped them like two hot rocks,
Nude Love
Moves over me
Like a storm
Since you were born,
Nude Love
There something in your eye,
And I re-A-Lize,
In the sky!,
Wait, hang on I got trouble with the G.,
Krankin-Smoking, here we go,
Tapes available out in the parking lot,
10 dollars for tapes
15 for CD
But drink ya coffee
And then see me, out by my hatchback for copies!,
Nu-oooooooo-ude Love.

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