Oglethorpe is the leader of The Plutonians and one of multiple alien characters that appear in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Oglethorpe is a very overweight, orange-colored Plutonian. Multiple spikes protrude from his body and can act as arms when needed. He sports a droolband, which is simply a sweatband set below his mouth, and besides this piece of apparel, he usually does not wear any clothing. Oglethorpe speaks with a heavy Austrian accent and occasionally speaks German, due to the latter being the main language of Austria. If he is shocked or possibly injured, he is known to blurt out "Oh, scheisse!", along with "nein." These happen to be German words, translating to "Oh, shit!" and "No!"


Oglethorpe is hot-headed, and is quicker to anger than Carl. He boasts about his advanced technology and superior intelligence, but ultimately lacks common knowledge and can be considered a complete buffoon. One of his many ridiculous schemes includes conquering the Earth, and sent a poorly-cloned Master Shake to "de-terraform" the planet. Though, this plan obviously failed, as the aforementioned clone did not understand these nonsensical orders and was told to "wing it." Despite Oglethorpe attending high school with Ignignokt, the Mooninites and Plutonians both despise each other. The two pairs of duos are often at war, involving pranks and insults, sometimes escalating to even more violent plans.


Besides his advanced technology, Oglethorpe can excrete a liquidy substance claimed to be "soap." Though, while Frylock was aboard their ship, he said the fluid smelled similar to waste instead. Oglethorpe's acquaintance, Emory, also holds this ability, but it is uncertain if the entire Plutonian race is capable of this.



  1. Frat Aliens: Oglethorpe and Emory are flung into space
  2. Spacecataz: Dies in a explosion after accidentally starting up their ship's self-destruct sequence.
  3. Global Grilling: Oglethorpe and Emory are presumably killed by the grill beam as it burns through the ozone layer and into space, destroying their ship.
  4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Theme Song: Oglethorpe's ship is blown up.
  5. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Head is blown off during shoot-out.
  6. "Markula the Slumlord": Multiple baby spiders burst out of him.

Relationships with Other Characters[]


Oglethorpe and Emory are often depicted to be in the same situation that Frylock and Master Shake are in. They seem to hate each other, without giving any indication as to why to continue being friends. Though Olgethorpe seems to actually like Emory's presence, as shown in "Markula the Slumlord" when he admits he can't leave him mere seconds after saying they should separate (despite Emory eagerly agreeing to it).

The Mooninites[]

The Plutonians have an ongoing feud with the Mooninites, and both manage to continuously prank one another. It can be said that Oglethorpe despises the Mooninites more than Emory, as the latter is calmer and collect when it comes to their prank wars. Though, they both dislike the Mooninites to some degree and will bother them when given the chance. While both species are quite ignorant, the Mooninites are a bit more intelligent than the Plutonians and usually never fall for their idiotic pranks.

Aqua Teens and Carl[]

The Aqua Teens usually pass off both of the Plutonians as being quite ignorant and stupid, incapable of enacting any of their so-called plans properly. Though they have not had much contact with Meatwad, it is clear that Shake and Frylock don't care all that much for them.

Frylock's distaste for the Plutonians has been displayed in all his run-ins with them, finding them simple-minded. At first, trying to communicate and understand their way of life, he thinks of them as a more intelligent life form. However, not long after he comes aboard their ship he realizes they are both complete numbskulls. Frylock seems to dislike Oglethorpe more than Emory, as he is the mastermind behind the duo's schemes.

While it isn't entirely clear whether Shake admires the Plutonians, he states in "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto" that he likes their "stuff". Oglethorpe himself is put off by Shakes antics and considers him to be annoying, using efforts to ditch him in the aforementioned episode. He takes advantage of Shake's stupidity and inflated ego, to manipulate him, most prominently seen in "Bad Replicant."

Oglethorpe’s relationship with Carl isn’t all that good with Oglethorpe calling him fat man in the film & going along with the Moonintes with hypnotizing Carl with the hypno rims in the deleted scenes.


  • He is named after Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Oglethorpe's voice came from a rather adulterated comment made by Andy Merrill, according to the Volume One DVD commentary on "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto."
  • Oglethorpe appeared in the 2018 Dr. Demento album Dr. Demento Covered in Punk.

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