Voiced by Andy Merrill
Episode count 22 (counting cold openings, the game, and the film)
Species Plutonian
Gender Male
Quote "Do not insult Orbnauticus or you shall be damned forever to the forbidden zone!!"

Oglethorpe is the leader of The Plutonians in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Oglethorpe is a very fat and spiky creature. He is orange and sports a "droolband" (a sweatband under his mouth). Similar to many other Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters, he does not normally wear any other form of clothing. Oglethorpe sports a heavy Austrian accent. Oglethorpe also speaks German. If he is shocked or injured, he shouts, "Oh, scheisse!" as well as "nein."


Oglethorpe is even quicker to anger than Carl. He claims to be a genius but is actually just a buffoon with access to "advanced technology" (which is assumed to be provided by a disco supplier). He plans to conquer Earth, through nonsensical plans such as sending a "clone" of Master Shake to "de-terraform" the Earth. Despite Oglethorpe going to high school with Ignignokt, The Mooninites despise the Plutonians and Oglethorpe's opinion of the Mooninites seems to be inconsistent. The Plutonians and the Mooninites are sometimes at war (which just seems to consist of the Plutonians and Mooninites trading insults and pranks).


Besides his advanced technology, Oglethorpe's only special ability is to excrete soap, but Frylock once said that it smells more like waste. This ability was only demonstrated by Oglethorpe's acquaintance Emory. This power only appears in "Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto" and is never mentioned again.



Relationships with Other Characters


Oglethorpe and Emory are often depicted to be in the same situation that Frylock and Master Shake are in. They seem to hate each other, without giving any indication as to why to continue being friends.

The Mooninites

Aqua Teens and Carl


  • He is named after Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Oglethorpe's voice came from a rather adulterated comment made by Andy Merrill, according to the Volume One DVD commentary on "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto."

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