Ol' Drippy
Voiced by Todd Field
Episode count 2
Birth date Ol' Drippy (episode)
Age Some days
Species New, Penicillin-based creature
Family Master Shake (creator)
Gender Male
Quote "There's no time! Here Shake, eat my head"

Ol' Drippy (voiced by Todd Field) is a penicillin-based creature that was created from a mess made by Shake in the kitchen. Ol' Drippy, as Meatwad named him, is very polite and has great manners, unlike Shake who treats Drippy very disrespectfully. However, when Shake gets sick from staying outside all night, Drippy lets Shake eat his penicillin head, which Shake feeds on for three days. After he feels well again, Shake goes outside to "run amok". Shake sees a free flyer in the middle of the road where a truck is coming. Ol' Drippy pushes Shake out of the way while Drippy gets hit.

Drippy seemingly returns from the dead during his next and currently last appearance in the episode "The Last One", in which he attends a meeting on the moon which is attended by other villains that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force battled. At one point, in which ideas are taken as to how to deal with the Hunger Force, Drippy instead proposes that those in attendance clean up litter on the highway. This idea is almost immediately put into effect and ends just as quickly when it is realized that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force is not being dealt with at all.