"Ol' Drippy" is the seventh episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on April 21st, 2002.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird starts with his dialog "Gentlemen... Behold!" when Steve interrupts and says "you know, you can call me Steve... there is nobody else in here" when Dr. Weird notices a villain behind Steve.

Main plot[]

Frylock discovers that Shake has trashed the kitchen largely and tells him to go buy things that will help him clean it. When Shake comes back, however, in the bag is unrelated items, such as spray cheese. After Meatwad ignites the aerosol can of spray cheese, a creature with well manners comes in from the kitchen and is a creature made from Shake's filth. Meatwad goes off to play dolls with the creature and promptly names him "Ol' Drippy" because he is dripping while they play. Meanwhile, Ol' Drippy goes to get a real doll for Meatwad, but is a cardboard woman in a bikini holding a six pack without a head (Carl had stolen it from a liquor store).

Meanwhile, while Shake takes out all of the filth and dumps it in Carl's pool, Carl comes in to get the so-called "doll" back from Drippy. Drippy kindly gives Carl his Cardboard Standee back and rakes Carl's leaves. Afterwards, Drippy buys coffee for everyone, but there isn't enough for Shake, so he offers Shake his coffee, but Shake just gets furious and knocks it out of Drippy's hand. Still furious, Shake decides to go stay out for the night, but a thunderstorm changes his mind and he comes back in. Shake possibly catches a cold or fever, and Drippy lets him eat his head because it's made of penicillin. Making Meatwad sad watching Shake eat his head, Shake keeps eating his head for three days. After he's done, Drippy is still alive but weakened. Shake goes out to "run amok" and picks up a magazine in the middle of the road up while a large truck is coming. Drippy comes out of the house and pushes Shake out of the way, while the trucks runs over Ol' Drippy.


  1. Ol' Drippy is run over by a truck.


  • Meatwad names Ol' Drippy because he was dripping; however, he only drips once in the entire episode.
  • The grocery bag filled with sand is from "Food Badger," though only "Food Badge" is visible. Food Badger is likely a spoof of "Food Lion" grocery stores.
  • Ol' Drippy bought coffee from "Cafe Bean".
  • Meatwad references the video game character "Pac Man" during Dewey's wedding ceremony.
  • Carl says "If I wanted a wife I'd order one from Russia." Carl later does this in the episode "Mail Order Bride."