One Hundred is the 100th Episode Of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on May 2, 2010.


Frylock becomes obsessed with the number 100, which keeps appearing everywhere, partly because he's written it on the walls, floors, and furniture. Neither Meatwad nor Shake believes his theory. They think he's just being paranoid. Frylock explains that the number 100 was invented by the ancient Mayans. During a flashback to Mayan times, a monster appears to say something about the 100th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Only Shake understands what this means, however, which is that Aqua Teen Hunger Force has hit "the magic number for syndication cash." Neither, Frylock nor Meatwad is aware that this is all just a television show.

Hoping to "cash in" on eight years of TV work, Shake hops a plane to Century City, California, where he meets with some network executives in a boardroom. Actor Dana Snyder pops out of his Master Shake costume, complaining that he's been underpaid for years and that a kitty litter commercial was more lucrative than Aqua Teen Hunger Force. A network executive explains that because Aqua Teen Hunger Force is only eleven minutes long, they technically only have fifty half-hours, so syndication will have to wait. Snyder/Shake storms out of the boardroom, vowing to have another fifty episodes done in eight more years.

Now wearing sunglasses and a Lakers jersey, Shake returns to New Jersey, where his plan is just to kill time so that he and the other Aqua Teens can entertain 18 to 34-year-olds for a few more years. He tries to enlist Meatwad in performing a card trick, but Meatwad is too worried about Frylock, who is still obsessed with the number 100. In order to get Frylock some "help," Shake tries framing him for murder. Two cops show up to investigate. They aren't convinced by the fake blood (actually hot sauce) spilled on the floor, but they do mention the number 100 a lot in their conversation. Frylock is sure that this is a prophecy, and -- sure enough -- a monster shaped like the number 100 shows up on their front lawn. The creature wants to collect their "epi-souls," and he begins destroying the house and the whole neighborhood. Shake tells Frylock and Meatwad to follow him into a new series.

The new series turns out to be a mystery comedy show called Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, complete with 1970s animation and a laugh track. The Aqua Teens have been given Hanna Barbera makeovers along with new names. Frylock is now Fryboy, Shake is Captain Pistachio, and Meatwad is a parody of Scooby Doo called Meaty Meaty Moo. There's a fourth member of the group now: a young woman named Tabitha who just says "Jinkies!" over and over again. The title sequence for the show has the Aqua Teens investigating a haunted house and being menaced by more kid-friendly versions of such classic villains as Dr. Weird, Handbanana,, Dr. Wongburger, and Willie Nelson.

The pilot episode for the new show is called "Bayou Boo-Ya." The story has the Aqua Teens traveling to a creepy swamp, where they are chased by a Cajun-accented monster in overalls. Both Meatwad and Frylock think the new series is really dumb, but Shake is willing to go along with it because he just wants the money. Carl, now looking more like a character from The Flintstones, briefly shows up to say that he doesn't want to be a part of the new series. The Bayou Boo-Ya monster promptly kills him. A wacky chase scene follows, but finally an impatient Frylock unmasks the Cajun monster, showing it to be the 100 Monster. Shake explains to the monster that Aqua Teen Hunger Force still only has fifty half-hours, not enough for syndication. The monster then drags Tabitha into the woods, where his plan is to "rape her and behead her, possibly not even in that order." Shake tries to laugh this off as typical cartoon hijinks, and Meatwad reveals that he has a Scrappy Doo-type sidekick of his own.

Back in Century City, Dana Snyder screens "Bayou Boo-Ya" for some unimpressed network executives. They say the rape joke was too dark and that the whole project is too similar to something they already have in production. Snyder says he'll be glad to change it, but the network guys aren't interested, saying everything Snyder does is boring and unfunny. The credits roll as Snyder unsuccessfully tries to hammer out a deal, and the network execs try to get him to leave.


  1. Carl has his head ripped off by the 100 Monster.
  2. Tabitha is presumably killed by the 100 Monster.


  • In the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 opening, the monsters that chase the Aqua Teens are Carl's costume from Monster, Dr. Wongburger, Hand Banana, Willie Nelson, Dr. Weird, the robot bank robbers from the Theme Song and
  • When Frylock keep saying about the number "100", things of 100 is seen in the beginning of the episode, such as 10 x 10 = 100, 100 tiles in a Scrabble set, the first 9 prime numbers equals 100, which are 2+3+5+7+11+13+17+19+23, which indeed equals 100, 100 cents in a dollar.
  • At the Adult Swim Headquarters scene, you can see one of the posters in the wall that shows the unused pilot references Duckworth and "Stiff". They're also made by the same crew that worked on ATHF, Squidbillies, etc.