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Original Air Dates are the date an episode is first shown worldwide.

Featuring are the main characters in an episode. Not all episodes are just focused on the Aqua Teens. Some episodes do focus on other characters such as Carl.

Also Appearing are the named characters that are seen in the episode. Unnamed characters do not count since they are never given the name. Unnamed characters that were given such as The Angel will be counted but the Robots on Robots Everywhere will not be counted. Character that are only heard do not count as appearances as well.

Plot: The narrative is only intended to outline the plot. Parenthesis or quotes should never be used in plot descriptions unless if it's necessary, for example, I Want to Rock Your Body (Til the Break of Dawn) . References should also not be used in plot descriptions as they belong in the trivia. NEVER REMOVE CONTENT OR ALTER THE DESCRIPTION WITHOUT DISCUSSING FIRST. THIS WILL RESULT IN BEING BLOCKED. You may correct misspellings and grammar.

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Due to the lack of continuity of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, dates and timelines are irrelevant. Just because an episode aired doesn't automatically mean they aged a year later. For example, Meatwad was thirty five in 2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five, but in Knapsack!, he was six.