Paul is a character who makes his debut in the episode Couple Skate, when Markula sold the Aqua Teens' home a third time after the robots and the Sirens. He is a giant, muscular, terrifying monster of some kind with huge fangs, yellow eyes, and four tentacle-like arms. Paul exists in a constant state of destructive, homicidal rage, which is unfortunate since he is roughly the size of a house. It is implied he has a heroin addiction as well.

After the first two of three Marcula episodes, Carl is fed up with Markula selling the house to more and more people, and needs to talk to him after Paul destroys Markula's / the Aqua Teens' home in the middle of the night in a fit of rage (apparently over an ongoing child custody dispute with his girlfriend), then steals all the copper pipes to go sell for heroin. None of this bothers Markula at all, much like the destruction the Robots rendered to the house, and his only concern seems to be forcing the Aqua Teens to pay to fix the gas leak in the living room.

After the discussion, Carl calls Frylock (who is still cocooned in the Mojave Desert with the other Aqua Teens) and plots to kill Marcula at his 4040th birthday party using a bottle of garlic champagne Frylock had been saving. Paul shows up at the party, which features roller-skating and a DJ, and after Marcula is killed the DJ makes the mistake of announcing "couples' skate", which reminds Paul of his girlfriend and prompts him to bitterly exclaim "OH BOY!!! COUPLES' SKATE!!!" and crush Carl like a soda bottle, popping his head off.

Paul reappears in "Fightan Titan" but destroying the city (again due to his rageful nature and severe emotional problems) and the Aqua Teens must fight him in their new robot. When this fails, Frylock must placate him by inquiring about his problems and life difficulties, which temporarily calms the monster and keeps him from destroying any more of the city while he rants about his unfaithful girlfriend.


  • His wife not only put him in an ongoing custody battle, but she also apparently cheated on him with his dad.

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