Pawn shop owner

The Pawn Shop Clerk is a recurring character voiced by Scott Fry. As his name suggests, he runs a pawn shop that the Aqua Teens visit on several occasions.

He is shown to be an unsmiling and generally unfriendly character who doesn't like to negotiate, offering a single low price and refusing to budge on it. His shop features a selection of typical pawn-shop items, as well as a sign reading "YOU MUST BE 8 YRS OLD TO PURCHASE FIREARMS."


Hoppy Bunny - After stealing Frylock's power gem by ripping it out of his back, Shake sells it to the Pawn Shop Clerk for $12 and an AM transistor radio despite numerous (clumsy) attempts to haggle him up to $20. The owner himself is then seen flying through the air with the gem in his hands, throwing lightning bolts, shouting "I HAVE THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS!".

2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five - After being shot repeatedly by Carl's BB gun, Drewbacca tries to sell the BBs to the Pawn Shop Owner, claiming them to be made of silver. When the owner points out that they're just regular BBs and worth nothing, Drewbacca instead offers to sell him a leopard-fur covered bass amplifier.