Presbobot picture


Presbobot is a presbyterian robot created by Toby, an animator in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever episode; Mouth Quest. He is voiced by Andy Daly.


Presbobot was built by Toby the animator. When the aqua teens break into Toby's house to find Meatwad's mouth, Presbobot tries to stop them. He is eventually defeated by the Honest Abe Lincoln's hot links mascot, but manages to mind link with Toby to make him a robotic killing mahcine. This however, ends up killing Toby due to lack of oxygen. Presbobot mourns over the dead robotic Toby.


  • During the end credits, several blueprints of Presbobot are shown in the backround, including a picture of him in a Moses design. In another he is in the design of a telephone with a small cross on his head.
  • He is the only villain not seen in traditional animation.