"Rabbit, Not Rabbot" is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 136th episode of the series overall.[1]


After being missing for days, Master Shake returns home (for some reason, using a tape recorder that only says "Hi, there's the guy I wanted to see" to speak). Frylock mentions that he and Meatwad last saw Shake at the mall where Meatwad pleaded to get a pet rabbit, Master Shake then reveals he's brought the rabbit home to give to Meatwad (despite that it's unconscious). After Meatwad thanks Shake for the pet rabbit, Master Shake states "Christ has risen once again" in a deep-toned, raspy voice, causing Frylock and Meatwad to realize that he isn't the real Master Shake (the latter not caring in the slightest). Meatwad goes next door to show Carl his new rabbit, both of which suspects that the rabbit's dead, so Carl suggests Meatwad cut off its foot to use for a good luck charm.

Meanwhile, Frylock confronts the imposter-Master Shake as to what he did with his "dumbass roommate", to which he explains that he's actually a rabbit named Dr. Zord who drugged Master Shake at the mall so he could swap his mind with Master Shake's. Meatwad and carl discover this when they saw off the rabbit's foot with a circ-saw and realize that the rabbit has Shake's voice (who persistently denies being a rabbit). Dr. Zord brings the Aqua Teens and Carl to the mall that night to demonstrate how he transferred Shake's mind with his: He and Master Shake urinated into the mall fountain at the same time while maintaining eye-contact, which caused lightning to strike the fountain and swap their minds. Frylock, not believing the story in the slightest, agrees to perform this experiment with Dr. Zord's henchman, Randy the Spider, which causes their minds to swap bodies.

Astounded by what's happened, Meatwad agrees to perform the experiment with Dr. Zord's other henchman, Lionel the hamster, which results in all the Aqua Teens being mind-swapped with animals. Dr. Zord then exclaims that his plan was to mind-swap his and his henchmen's minds with humans so that they could collect unemployment, which comes undone when Frylock (in spider-form) bites Dr. Zord between the eyes, resulting in him dying due to Master Shake's extreme spider-bite allergy. At this point, Master Shake has alerted mall security of everyone's presence, causing Randy and Lionel to runaway and sending Carl into a panic since he's been arrested for public urination at the mall. Frylock then convinces Carl to perform the experiment with him (saying mall security will never suspect a spider of stealing those denim jackets that he and Randy were raiding), resulting in Carl's mind going into the spider's body and Frylock's mind going into Carl's body.

When mall security arrives, they capture the three animals (who're actually Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl) and ban Frylock/Carl from the mall (although he gets to keep the jackets). Months later on Christmas Eve, Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl are on sale when they see Frylock/Carl and notice that he's in shape, nicely groomed, and has a smoking-hot girl. When Frylock/Carl sees the three animals, he immediately retreats with his girlfriend (not wanting to give-up the life he's worked hard to get), enraging Master Shake and Carl. Meatwad is then placed in a cage with a cobra who eats him.


  1. Dr. Zord dies from a poisonous spider bite.
  2. Meatwad in the body of hamster, is eaten by a snake.


  • This episode's title is semi-based on the title for the first episode (and potentially the season seven episode "Rabbot Redux" to a lesser extent), however, the character Rabbot is never seen or mentioned in this episode. Although the giant Rabbot-shaped hole in the wall is shown during the mall scene.