"Rabbit, Not Rabbot"
Season 11, Episode 6
Original air date August 2, 2015
Production code 1306
Written by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Guest star(s) John DiMaggio as Dr. Zord (uncredited)
Parental Advisory TV-14-LV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 11
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"Rabbit, Not Rabbot" is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 136th episode of the series overall.[1]


After returning from a long, mysterious journey with a talking rabbit, Master Shake's behavior is strange.

After a rabbit swaps minds with Master Shake, it plans to help its friends do the same with the rest of the Aqua Teens.

Featured characters

  • Dr. Zord (in Master Shake's body)
  • Frylock (eventually switches bodies with Randy and later Carl)
  • Meatwad (eventually switches bodies with Lionel)
  • Master Shake (in Dr. Zord's body)
  • Carl (eventually switches bodies with Frylock)
  • Lionel (eventually switches bodies with Meatwad)
  • Randy (eventually switches bodies with Frylock)
  • George Lowe as an unnamed mall cop
  • Unnamed mall cop # 2
  • Frylock's unnamed girlfriend


  1. Dr. Zord dies from a poisonous spider bite.
  2. Meatwad in the body of hamster, is eaten by a snake.



  • This episode's title is semi-based on the title for the first episode (and potentially the season seven episode "Rabbot Redux" to a lesser extent), however, the character Rabbot is never seen or mentioned in this episode. Although the giant Rabbot-shaped hole in the wall is shown during the mall scene.
  • This episode parodies the 2011 film The Change-Up.
  • This episode is a slight reference to Dana Snyder having voiced a talking rabbit in the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans.
  • This is the final episode where Meatwad dies.


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