"Rabbot" is the first episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It premiered stealthily on Cartoon Network December 30th, 2000, and made its real debut on the late night program adult swim on September 16th 2001


Dr. Weird unveils his newest invention, a titanic robotic rabbit named Rabbot, to solve the world's "vegetable problem". Dr Weird then sprays Rabbot in the face with French perfume, which causes Rabbot to go berserk, to break out of Dr. Weird's laboratory, and to flatten Carl's car. The next morning, Carl notices his flattened car; Master Shake comes out to solve the mystery of what happened to Carl's car, but after briefly examining the crime scene, Master Shake concludes that "Meteors did it" and charges Carl $20. Frylock then comes out to teleport Carl to work. Carl reasserts that he works out of home, so Frylock's teleportation beam simply flings Carl onto the roof of his house. Master Shake and Frylock then proceed to solve the rest of this mystery from inside Carl's pool against his demands. There, Shake says that the culprit "is someone who is jealous of Carl's ability to drive" and goes to wake Meatwad. Upon awakening, Meatwad begins to dance to his jam box, but then Shake stomps on it, saying that "Dancing is forbidden".

Once again, Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad loiter in Carl's pool, where Shake loses all his enthusiasm he had for this mission and wishes to close it, but Frylock reminds him of the danger the culprit poses. Meatwad is then hitched to the Aqua Teens' mode of transportation, the "Danger Cart". After a mishap with the garage door in which Frylock resolves by blowing it up, the Aqua Teens head for the mall. However, Rabbot has already rampaged the mall, spraying whatever it did not smash with a strange hair growing formula. The Aqua Teens make it to the mall, where Frylock discovers a mountain of evidence from Rabbot's rampage. There, he continues to investigate.

As the Aqua Teens return home, they head through downtown and notice that Rabbot is rampaging through the city and is spraying buildings with his hair growing formula. Rabbot sprays Shake with the spray, causing him to grow long hair and to abandon the mission to get a perm. Frylock blasts Rabbot with his eye lasers, but they reflect off his body and burn Shake's hair off. Meatwad then stops Rabbot by playing his jam box, which causes Rabbot to dance along to the music. The Aqua Teens then regroup in Carl's pool, where Shake says that Rabbot has made downtown unsafe and that they must find some new restaurants and nightclubs. Carl then demands they get out of his pool. The episode ends with the Rabbot dancing downtown, while the closing credits are shown on a split screen.

Rough Cut Pilot[]

In the original, December 30th "stealth" broadcast of this episode, there were many differences from the final cut. There was no theme song or opening titles, the segues that cut to another scene were also different - instead of Schooly D narrating over some rap music, they showed the old "outer space zoom" segue from the Hanna-Barbera Superfriends cartoon, with the ATHF (instumental) theme music played over it.

In the cold open, after the Rabbot escapes, Dr. Weird says "Unleash the mechanical frog!" and the giant garage door opens again, showing a huge mechanical frog. There was also a scene of Master Shake sitting in the hair salon talking about things he hates. After Meatwad says "everyone likes dancing" it cuts to Shake getting his hair done and saying "..And I HATE dancing. It's one of my LEAST favorite things to do. Other things I hate are work, exercise, people, stupid people—". This stealth broadcast is more tuned up and finished than the "Rabbot - The Original Cut", found on the ATHF Volume 1 DVD and has never been aired since the premiere.


  • When Shake tells Frylock to quit hovering, his lower part is cropped out.
  • When Rabbit is spraying Shake a wig, Rabbot's bottom part is cropped intirely.
  • Meatwad's jam box was destroyed by Shake, but later on it was in the street undamaged.


  • "Rabbot" was first broadcast on December 30, 2000, unannounced, at 5:00 AM, almost six months before Adult Swim officially premiered. The show was listed on the official schedule as "Special Programming" and was aired with two episodes of Sealab 2021 and an unfinished Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law pilot.
  • The cityscape background seen in every episode from here, as well as the street the group crosses in the Danger Cart, was recycled from the early 90's Hanna-Barbera series SWAT Kats; there it represented the main setting of that show, Megakat City. (Further footage was recycled in Balloonenstein and The Cubing.)
  • The Aqua Teen House looks noticeably different than usual in this episode such as Meatwad's room.
  • The hole Rabbot made to escape Dr. Weird's lab is reused in most of Seasons 1 and 2 cold openings.
  • In the original storyboard for this episode, Space Ghost was going to make an appearance near the end of the episode. This was scrapped for unknown reasons, however, the storyboard can be seen on the Future Wolf III extra in the ATHF Volume Two DVD Box Set.
  • The unannounced television airing of the series finale, "The Greatest Story Ever Told", was listed as a rerun of this episode on most television listings on August 30, 2015.
  • During the mall scene "Motivation" by Werner Drexler can be heard.