Rabbot Redux is the 90th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the second episode of season seven.


The episode begins where Last Last One Forever and Ever left off, with the Aqua Teens packing their belongings into a rented moving truck. Unexpectedly, they move to the house right next door, much to Carl's dismay. After unpacking, Shake calls dibs on the bathroom as his bedroom. This is the first time Shake and Meatwad have even seen a bathroom, since they didn't have one in their old house, and so think that the toilet is a sponge bath, and a gateway to another dimension, after which they end up flooding the house due to clogging up the toilet.

After Shake finishes decorating his "bedroom", he discovers that Meatwad ended getting a very large room loaded with high-end accommodations, including a buffet, fountains, stables, and stallions. Shake, jealous of Meatwad's room, starts activating his "Shake Power" all over Meatwad's things, and questions him on how he got such fancy place.

Meatwad explains that since Shake called dibs on the bathroom, he got this fancy room all for himself, Shake tries to call dibs on this room, but then Frylock appears and says that Meatwad called it first, so Shake decides to settle this with a game of "Paper, Rock, Scissors", which Meatwad easily wins, Shake tries to do a best of 3, but he loses again, Meatwad starts having fun with it, so they continue playing. After many rounds, with increasingly absurd ways of trying to counter each other, Shake finally decides that Meatwad wins, but not before trying to trick him into thinking they were fighting for dibs on the bathroom, Frylock then comes in saying how Shake has to play fair and how you don't get anywhere in life by cheating, Shake then replies by saying how Frylock hasn't gotten anywhere in life either, so what does that say? After which Frylock traps Shake in his room with a brick wall while Meatwad fills it with spiders.

After Frylock and Meatwad are finished dealing with Shake, Rabbot suddenly appears and gives Frylock a present with a note to welcome them in the new neighborhood, and then starts destroying their new house right after, forcing them to return to their old one. Though, strangely enough, they all act as if they moved to a new home, and after Shake makes a speech about how they'll raise their future children there, Schooly D suddenly appears saying "looks like the Aqua Teens's back in the house, and Schooly D's back on the mike baby!" and starts rapping "The Jam" while all the Aqua Teens start happily dancing, with Carl looking from the window in dismay.