Randy the Astonishing (voiced by Matt Maiellaro) is the prince of Jupiter. He was sent to Earth to "infiltrate the human gene pool", but, since he looks nothing like a human, he could find no one with whom to procreate, and ends up starting a freak show circus. He meets Shake and Meatwad in a back alley wearing a trenchcoat, and Shake sells Meatwad to Randy's circus where, due to his shapeshifting ability, he becomes a popular act, making Shake jealous. Randy eventually gets up the courage to reveal his true form, which makes his father, who happened to be in the circus's audience, proud of him. As they escape from the circus, the Aqua Teens burn down the bigtop.

During his time with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday..., he was under the control of Travis of the Cosmos. After Harry stabs Travis, Randy asks Bingo if the hole in the back of his head (made by Travis's tongue) is noticeable. Bingo gives him a clown wig to cover it up, which turns Randy into a frozen clown.


  • "All office furniture over 50% off"



  • He is one of the many aliens seen throughout the series, other examples being the Mooninites and the Plutonians.