Ray is the boyfriend of the Computer Repair Woman in Fry Legs. When he's talking to the Comupter Repair Woman and finds out that Frylock is obsessed with her, he gets angry and challenges Frylock to a fight with one of his chair's legs, but is easily blown to bits by Frylock's "Rays", much to the horror of everyone in the restaurant.

After hearing police sirens approaching, Frylock quickly scoops up what's left of Ray's body and returns to the Aqua Teen House, locking himself in his room while cops arrive shortly after to arrest him. And after Meatwad unintentionally stalls them by asking stupid questions, Frylock finally comes out of his room, having turned himself into a horribly disfigured, Frankenstein's monster version of Ray cobbled together from his destroyed body parts, with an oversized cowboy hat crudely hiding Frylock's brain, somehow successfully fooling the cops into thinking he is Ray.

Frylock then meets the Computer Repair Woman in the Flower Field, where she is shocked but pleased to see "Ray" alive, Frylock then tries to propose to her, but ends up breaking Ray's decomposing leg off while trying to kneel down and is unable to get up as birds start eating Frylock's brain, then after they have a brief argument and she shrieks about how he never listens, Frylock somehow gets back to the Aqua Teen House and tells Shake and Meatwad that he's single again, now stuck in Ray's rapidly decomposing body.