"Reedickyoulus" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 73rd episode overall. It originally aired on February 10th, 2008.


After Shake gets kicked out of the house for the night after he kills Meatwad's cat Terrence by putting it in the microwave, he catches Carl defecating behind a bush in his yard. The excrement is discovered to be radioactive due to Carl's use of a male-enhancement pleasure device called the Reedickyoulus. After Frylock takes the radioactive excrement into the house, it is revealed that it is so radioactive that it is able to melt straight through the carpet. This pleases the Aqua Teens as Markula now has no choice but to replace their carpet. Outside, the radioactivity causes all of Meatwad's dead animals to be reanimated. Their first move is to put Shake in the microwave, but he will not fit. Meatwad attempts to hugs the gorilla, but Frylock stops him, telling him that the pets are infected and that the virus spreads via bodily fluids, like saliva and blood and sex, as pointed out by the gorilla. Meatwad asks why the gorilla didn't tell him that he had an STI; this saddens the gorilla and the pets leave, but Shake takes the gorilla up on his offer, causing him to become a zombie. Horrified, Frylock slices him in half as he read on Wikipedia, to kill a zombie, you must separate the brain with spine, but this doesn't kill him and the two halves are still capable of operating. Frylock calls for advice on how to cure it, and according to the person on the phone, Shake must wait outside for a Gay Zombie Ape Party Bus to pick him up. Shake goes outside and the bus picks him up. Meatwad then proceeds to light a cigarette in the house forgetting about the gas leak which causes the house to explode, killing both Frylock and Meatwad.


  1. Various pets before the start of this episode are all killed by Master Shake.
  2. Terrence has her head explode after being put inside the microwave.
  3. Mr. Sparkles has his head explode after being put inside the microwave.
  4. Master Shakes becomes zombified.
  5. Frylock and Meatwad die in an explosion after lighting up the gas leak.


  • There are several effects to The Reedickyoulus such as gleaming feces, luminescent groin flesh, ghosts escaping out of your anus, a zombie virus, and a gay zombie virus.
  • This episode is loosely connected to Robots Everywhere, Sirens, and Couples Skate, due to the fact that the gas pipe in the Aqua Teen's house is still broken. It is shown to be fixed an episode later.
  • Frylock informs the team that viruses can be cured by antibiotics. This is not true, as antibiotics are only for bacterial infections.
  • The song Meatwad was singing at the beginning is a parody of the song, "Somewhere That's Green" from the musical film Little Shop of Horrors.