"Remooned" (also known as "Mooninites 3: Remooned") is the third episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 45th episode overall. It originally aired on August 15th, 2004.


Spacecataz: The Plutonians are getting a transmission from something when they find The Mooninites taunting them with the Digital Dong. Oglethorpe gets furious at them and, against Emory's warnings, declares war. He uses a black hole portal to throw a water balloon, which doesn't break, at The Mooninites before quickly disappearing. Err asks "What was that?".

The Mooninites are seen on the moon graffiting the moon rocks, but soon get bored and decide to pay a visit to Uncle Cliff, who hasn't been alright since the Lunar War, and scare him twice. Next to Uncle Cliff is a giant check, which he received from the Government for being so crazy, prompting The Mooninites to steal it from him and take it to the earth to cash it out. A giant rock falls on Uncle Cliff and squashes him flat.

Meanwhile, in the house of the Aqua Teens, Master Shake is trying to cook Meatwad in the microwave. After the first cycle is done, he puts Almunium Foil in the Microwave alongside Meatwad. However, As the microwave starts to fry the kitchen gradually, Frylock had gotten wise on Master Shake's scheme (presented by crudely drawn plans) and had modified the microwave and reversed its waves before everything had happened. The Mooninites, arriving on Earth, jump from the window and into the Aqua Teen's house explaining they need to cash out the giant check (After giving Shake a pride-oblierating bitch slap, of course). The Aqua Teens, however, have money problems of their own, especially with Master Shake who is not responsible with his money. Frylock suggests that they go to the Check-Cashing Place, but Ignignokt revokes his idea. Master Shake and Meatwad come with the Mooninites to help them cash the check "but not to the Check-Cashing Place."

Instead, Master Shake, Meatwad, and The Mooninites arrive at Foodie Mart. Master Shake and Ignignokt try to cash out the check but the Foodie Mart Clerk says that the place doesn't cash checks. Master Shake gets furious and goes into a tirade, trying to pass himself off as a Mexican Immigrant but to no avail. After Master Shake and Ignignokt leave Foodie Mart, Shake yells at the Foodie Mart Clerk from outside the window stating that he will not cash any of his checks if he should ever get a job similar to his in some other country.

Hatching another idea, The Mooninites, Master Shake, and Meatwad pay a visit to Carl. Ignignokt tries to make a deal with Carl by giving him The Sun in exchange for cashing in the giant check. Carl, wanting a different deal, tries to get the Laser Gun, which Ignignokt refuses to give away. Ignignokt, however, offers to give Carl immortality if he cashes the check for them. Carl, thinking for a second, refuses the offer, proclaiming that he sometimes wants to die. Carl asks for a going rate of 6%, prompting Err to attack him until he is rendered unconscious despite Ignignokt's protests. Ignignokt, embarrassed that he was too late to stop Err's barbaric actions, fires his Laser Gun at Carl's butt crack. Ignignokt orders Err to steal Carl's wallet and orders Master Shake to shave Carl's hair and mustache.

Back at Foodie Mart, Master Shake and The Mooninites put Carl's hair and mustache on Meatwad and give him the I.D. to present at the Store Clerk. Meatwad lies to the Foodie Mart Clerk that the reason why he looks nothing like the picture in the I.D. is because he is an Organ Donor and had to have his body removed last year and donated. Things do downhill quickly when Meatwad confuses his own name with the identity of Carl, annoying Err. But at this point, the Foodie Mart Clerk doesn't care since Foodie Mart doesn't cash checks anyway. Meatwad sees pennies and decides to get some Bubble Gum before leaving, resulting in him getting lectured for forgetting his mission. Ignignokt, getting hungry, asks if there are Weenie Warps in there. Meatwad says they sell that and Burger Drops, Burrito Cakes, Pizza Balls, and Turkey Muffins. Err comes back with the stolen food items, alongside Sausage Tacos, and notions everybody to leave.

Back at the Aqua Teens' house, Frylock gets annoyed at the Mooninites and tells Shake that the two need to leave. Shake tries to persuade Frylock to reconsider, showing them the check, and telling Frylock that once they cash it, the Mooninites will split the profits with them so they could live off it forever. Curious, Frylock scans the check with his Frydar, only to find that the giant check is emitting radiation. Shake at first tries to stay positive and asks if it's the good kind of radiation that fight tumors and gave Spider-Man his powers, but Frylock refuses, it's the bad kind, the other kind; the kidney-losing kind. In fact, it is revealed that it isn't a check at all-- it's actually a bill for home care.

As Frylock reads that the bill is for Cliff, Ignignokt and Err come back from the market, and hearing what Frylock said from the distance, the former tries to pass himself off as Uncle Cliff and that the check is not a bill and asks Err to tell them. Err, however, already knew it was a bill they've been carrying around. Ignignokt becomes annoyed at this, wondering why they were even bothering to try cashing a bill. Ignignokt and Err get into a short argument about it really being a bill which the latter stated continuously on the way down, wondering if Ignignokt knew something he didn't in which Ignignokt agrees to the notion. Shake is shocked to discover that he had been hauling a radioactive bill all over town for the Mooninites, prompting the two to tell Shake that he is going to pay that bill.

The Mooninites enter the Aqua Teens' house to cook the food. As Frylock theorizes that the giant bill only emits radiation when it is due (and it's two months past due at that), Shake comes in and shows that his hands haved mutated and shriveled up from the radioactive bill. All of a sudden, the house gets hotter thanks to the Microwave that Frylock altered earlier ago in which the Mooninites are trying to cook the food but to no avail. With only a few seconds to spare, the Aqua Teens run away as their house explodes from the over-exposure of the Microwave heat waves. Carl then wakes up, angered and confused as to what happened to his hair and mustache, prompting Meatwad to try and give it back as it itches. Frylock states that Carl looks younger without any of the hair, in which Carl confuses it for being gay looking. The Mooninites, somehow surviving the explosion, both leave and in the ship as always. Ignignokt curses at Frylock with the Middle Finger, but shortly it goes huge from radiation as he states "Try this on for size, Fryman. Or for 59 Cents more, try the Super Size." Err states that he feels weird with his entire body messed up from the Radiation, but Ignignokt retorts "Quiet, Err. I'm Transmitting Rage."


Carl's Drivers License

The spelling of Carl's last name and his date of birth is revealed for the first time in this episode.

  • This episode was renamed "Mooninites 3: Remooned" on the ATHF Volume Four DVD Box Set.
  • Carl's last name was revealed in the episode "Mail Order Bride," but this is the first time the name's spelling is shown.
  • Carl's Drivers License Information:
    Full Name: Carl Brutananadilewski
    Date of Birth: February 19, 1961
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'11"
    Address: 328 Fairley Street
    South Jersey, NJ
  • When Err says "Carlito wants his hand back", its a reference to the line "Cundalini wants his hand back" in the film Mad Max.
  • Frylock's "Frydar" makes a different sound in this episode.
  • This is the first time we see Ignignokt's uncle Cliff.
  • This is the first time we see Carl without his hair or mustache.
  • Carl is shaved everywhere on his body except for his feet, yet Meatwad only wears his hair and mustache.
  • In this episode, Shake mentions that he gets an allowance.

Allusions and References[]

  • The sounds Cliff makes when he bangs around the moon rocks are the same at the ones used on the old Colecovision game system.
  • Shake references Spider-Man when comparing the radiation coming from the Mooninites' bill to the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker.