"Revenge of the Mooninites" is the eighth episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on May 5th, 2002.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird reveals himself (after a while). He then asks Steve if he is invisible, to which Steve says he isn't and he replies "Why not!". Meanwhile, the Mooninites' ship passes by.

Main plot[]

Meanwhile, back at the Aqua Teens house, Meatwad attempts to count every one of his Harvest Time Tickets so he can get a ten-speed. Although Shake shouts out random numbers to confuse him. After a while, Frylock grows furious and finally reveals to Meatwad he only has 7 tickets. The Mooninites then burst through the window, and take Meatwad on a crime spree. They then obtain a Foreigner belt from a carnival, a belt that bestows upon them the powers of the super group Foreigner. They use its special powers for their own wants and desires. The Mooninites first use the belt on Carl, freezing him by using the belt. Then they take his pornography and dresser. Frylock then tries to take the Mooninites down with his laser, but they blinded him with the song "Double Vision". The foreigner belt also uses lyrics from the group Foreigner to take effect on their victim, such as Meatwad. Meanwhile, Carl thaws himself with his tanning bed set on Jamaican. The Mooninites use the belt on Shake telling him to stand in the street. Carl steals the belt so he can use it against the Mooninites as revenge. With the song "Hot Blooded", he boils the water in his pool where the Mooninites are swimming, causing them to flee to their ship. Similar to the earlier episode Mayhem of the Mooninites," the episode closes on board the Mooninites' spaceship as they retreat from Earth. Ignignokt extends a pixellated middle finger that is substantially longer than the finger displayed in "Mayhem of the Mooninites" and declares that he is doing it harder than he ever has. Carl gets his head turned into a game and Shake is hit by a bus.


  1. Master Shake is run over by a bus.

Cultural references[]

  • 1970s-80s rock bands: Throughout this episode, numerous references toward bands like Foreigner and Loverboy are made. The Foreigner Belt uses commands named after songs by the rock group Foreigner. The songs by Foreigner referenced are, in consecutive order: "Urgent", "Cold as Ice", "Dirty White Boy", "Double Vision", "Jukebox Hero", "Hot Blooded", and "Head Games".
  • 42: "42" is the answer to "Life, the universe, and everything", as explained in detail and constantly referenced in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book series written by Douglas Adams.
  • Ignignokt claims his God is "an Indian who turns into a wolf", but Err corrects him that he may be referring to Wolfen. In a FOX News broadcast during the 2007 Boston Mooninite scare this line was repeated on national television in an attempt to explain the Mooninites.
  • Carl claims he saw Foreigner performing with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams at the Meadowlands Arena in their 1983 tour though he may have confused Foreigner with Journey who did preform at the Meadowlands with Adams from May 5-7, 1983.
  • Err tries to use the Foreigner belt by quoting the Loverboy songs "Turn Me Loose", "Hot Girls in Love" and "Working for the Weekend", but they have no effect as they are not Foreigner songs. Carl also claimed that he saw Loverboy at Madison Square Garden in 1985.
  • Err sings part of the Styx song "Mr. Roboto".


  • This is the only time that Carl is responsible for the defeat of the Mooninites.
  • When Frylock says Meatwad has seven Harvest Time tickets, he is not entirely correct. It's 8 Tickets.. They get smaller the higher they appear on screen to give the appearance of distance..
  • During the ending credits, Ignignokt and Err can be seen on the moon. This addition to the credits would be implemented a few more times in Season 5.
  • During the end of the episode, after Carl turns his head into a game, if you look closely at Meatwad you will notice that he approaches Carl without rolling. It appears as though he was sliding.[1]
  • Ignignokt's voice is slightly higher pitched in this episode.
  • The bird heard in the woods is the wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina).
  • An alternate “TV-Y7” version with a new opening track, end credit track, title card, voice track and transition music was made for the April 1, 2021 broadcast of “adult swim jr”. The alternate audio track features an all-youth voice cast and some of the jokes were changed as if to comply with TV-Y7 guidelines.