Robositter (voiced by Sarah Silverman) is a teenaged girl robot babysitter that Frylock created for Meatwad so he can "keep his little ass in line" while Frylock and Master Shake are at work. Her body is built from a water heater with breasts made from cans and arms made from dryer vent hose. Shake appears to be attracted to her, asking her was "she legal" and "what will you be wearing to bed". Despite responding in a pleasant and obedient tone when Frylock is present, she immediately begins acting like a psychotic and stereotypically selfish teenaged girl once Frylock leaves, abusing and threatening Meatwad and talking about shallow things on the phone to her "friend" Sheila.

Frylock later meets up with Robositter and Sheila (another trash-can robot) at the mall, who are wearing thongs, wigs and belly shirts and generally looking like "little tramp(s)" as Frylock puts it. After having abandoned Meatwad to demand her babysitting money early from Frylock (so she and Sheila can get "tattoos just above their robot asses"), she rudely insults him for his job and Frylock promptly crushes her and Sheila in the Slurp-a-Lunch juicer machine. Shake protests, noting that he was "supposed to buy them wine coolers".



  • Frylock asks the Robositter if her mother knew if she was dressed like a tramp even though Frylock built her.