"Robositter" is the seventh episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 49th episode overall. It originally aired on September 12th, 2004.


Shake is looking for a Steak-Umm, but Frylock ate the last one. He mentions that their welfare check isn't due for another week, and if they want food money they either have to pawn the TV set or get jobs. It's a hard choice for Shake, but eventually Frylock and Shake decide to get jobs at Slurp-A-Lunch while Carl babysits Meatwad. Shake and Frylock go to Carl's house after work to check on Meatwad, but when they arrive, they discover Meatwad has raided the medicine cabinet and is hallucinating on pills. Carl seems unconcerned, and Shake notes slyly to him that he'll pay him once he's actually dead and once they get their welfare check.

Frylock finds Meatwad, but Meatwad hallucinates that Frylock is a spirit sent to kill him, and he locks himself in the freezer while Shake tries to ensure Meatwad can't escape. Frylock makes a robot named Robositter to babysit Meatwad and "keep his little ass in line". Robositter is a stereotypical teenaged girl robot, who shows calm obedience while Frylock is there, but once he leaves almost immediately begins abusing and neglecting Meatwad while talking on their phone with her friend Sheila.

Frylock and Shake are at their job, but Shake doesn't like working and leaves to go play at the arcade. Robositter appears at the mall, now wearing a belly-shirt and thong and accompanied by "Sheila" , and demanding her babysitting pay early from Frylock, despite having abandoned Meatwad before he got home. Frylock exclaims that she looks like a "little tramp", which prompts a barrage of snotty counter-abuse from Robositter and Sheila, who want the money so they can get "tattoos right above the crack of their robot asses". Frylock kills Robositter and Sheila by crushing them in the Slurp-A-Lunch juicer machine. Shake returns, dismayed, noting that he was "supposed to buy them wine coolers".

The episode ends with Meatwad puzzling over whether the saying goes "you definitely shouldn't play with matches", or it's "you definitely should". Carl, standing next to him, surveys the burnt wreckage of their house, and says "It's definitely one or the other". Meatwad, still thinking, says "Which one do you think it is, Carl?"


  • When Shakes leaves the Slurp-a-lunch one of his hands is missing
  • Shake makes a reference to the song "A Hard Day's Night" by The Beatles, to instruct Meatwad to get a job.
  • Meatwad takes on a new shape in this episode, a flower.
  • Sarah Silverman does the voice of Robositter, but is credited as "Big" S due to Screen Actors Guild rules. ATHF is not a SAG-approved program.
  • Shelia is a possible reference to the Red vs Blue series as both are robots who share the same name. Show creator's have been known to watch the show from time to time as well.