The Robot Family is a group of characters that appear in the episode, "Robots Everywhere." An unnamed yellow robot acts as the father and a blue robot, wearing a bra, acts as the mother. The couple has multiple children, which are colored red, blue, purple, and green. The machines can shoot lasers from their eyes and can spew oil out from cavities of their bodies. It is also said that gas arouses the robots. 

In "Robots Everywhere", they melt a couple who were looking to buy the Aqua Teen's house with their lasers and force Carl to sell them the home, even though they have no money of any kind whatsoever. Eventually, Markula, the landlord, allows the family of robots to purchase the dwelling, making them Carl's new neighbors. The robots then run Carl through a series of tests, such as waking him up in the middle of the night and telling him they need water to sleep, despite water causing robots to malfunction. Carl then hides from the robots, as they tear apart his house in search of him. He is found hiding in his car, with the robotic father forcing him to ring a bell to call a group of flies. Carl is only able to lure bees near him, making the robots decide that he has failed the tests and he must die. They begin to arm their laser beams to kill him, but Carl stops them, saying he has a test for them. He pulls out a machine gun and says, "Count the bullets." He then blasts the robots with his weapon, puncturing many holes through them. The robot then tells Carl to shoot more at him, saying they are like vitamins. Carl begins to shoot the robots again as the credits roll, with the sounds of the machine gun and the robots shouting repaced with the credits theme. 

The husband and wife appear again, making a brief cameo in the episode, "A PE Christmas", as they are seen attending the Aqua Teen's church service.