Rudy towering over Shake

Rudy is a gigantic homicidal baby that inhabits the uncharted Death Island, home of a tribe of Pinball Birds who lay metallic pinballs for eggs. Rudy has been scaring away and possibly killing off the tourists, crushing the chances of anyone visiting Death Island. Because of this, many of the more intelligent birds (such as Lyle) started plotting against Rudy and attempted killing him for hundreds of years (with the use of "Benadryl missiles" and a "nitroglycerin rattle") with no success. Since then, they have worshipped him as a god, using random visitors as a form of sacrifice in the giant pinball machine they built on the island.

When first coming across Shake, who in typical form refuses to flee via Jet-Ski when everyone else does and instead insults the massive infant for no reason, calling him a "big gay baby". Angered, Rudy promptly incinerates him with laser bolts from his eyes similar to Frylock's Laser Lenses.