In the episode T-Shirt of the Living Dead, Meatwad used Osiris' magical t-shirt that Shake stole


Santa in a calmer state.

from the Egyptian history museum to teleport Santa Claus to their house, hoping he would bring him gifts. Instead, he is extremely grumpy at having been awoken "in the middle of fucking July" and points out to Meatwad that he has no presents since the "sweet little elves don't even come in until September".

Later, Meatwad summons a giant Easter egg monster that breathes fire on Santa, leaving him horribly burnt and "ho-ho"ing miserably in pain on the lawn. He nearly dies, but is discovered by Frylock and kept alive with the assistance of a lot of medical equipment and an oxygen tank. This puts him in an even worse mood, causing him to dub himself "Horror Claus", as well as vow to "beat the fuck out of that little meatball" and shove the remote controlled racecar he wants "FAR up his ass". Meatwad, in response, suggests doctoring the scene to look like Santa broke into their house and caused an accidental fire, which Frylock angrily opposes, only to be threatened by Meatwad's magical powers, which have made him into a power-hungry madman.

Unable to deliver gifts this upcoming christmas, Frylock, Meatwad, and Shake take over. Frylock dresses up like Santa Claus and is reduced to calling Meatwad "Master". The elves have replaced Santa's skin with the leather of a soccer ball and make toys. Meatwad also changes Shake into a Reindeer as punishment, which gets him humped by the other Reindeer.


Santa after being severly burned (Horror Claus)

Santa Claus appears in Meatwad's imagination to give him advice throughout The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)


Santa after the elves replaced his skin with the leather of a soccer ball (named "Soccer Claus" by Meatwad)