"Scrip2 2i2le: The Ts Are 2s" is the third episode of the 12th season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 142nd episode overall. It aired on December 3, 2023.

Plot Summary[]

Master Shake is writing a movie script at a cafe but gives up after Meatwad questions his writing inconsistencies. After getting kicked out by the Barista, Shake is introduced to the Zenwa Caffeine Machine 2019, who immediately helps Shake with his screenplay. The script is finished after three sleepless days, and the Caffeine Machine calls upon further Zenwa robots, including the Steam Machine 3019 and the Bean Machine 4019. The robots are further influenced by Meatwad and Carl's suggestions for the screenplay, and immediately the movie is viewed on TV. After watching, Frylock comes to the conclusion that the Zenwa robots are tracking down their every movement and throws them out in the trash. Frylock then calls for sanitation, only to be confronted by a giant Zenwa mech that transforms itself into a garbage truck. The Aqua Teens are then greeted by more Zenwa robots, resulting in Frylock writing another screenplay for the robots to view. This screenplay causes the robots to go haywire and self-destruct, leaving the Aqua Teens and Carl to take a drive into the woods, free from the robots. Shake gets bored and goes back home, while Frylock, Meatwad and Carl stop by the cabin, who was the Zenwa mech in disguise as a cabin. The mech then transforms to his normal shape with blood gushing out, possibably indicating it crushed or killed Carl or Frylock in the process. It takes off with an unsuspecting Meatwad.

Cultural References[]

  • This episode is a spoof of artificial intelligence (or AI) software. Private citizens and companies have attempted to create movies, shows, music, internet videos, etc. with AI software. However, unless a human is curating these creations, the results are often sub-par. Many AI scripts have been criticized online because of bizarre misunderstandings of things like source material, human behavior, screenwriting, etc.
    • This episode also makes fun of smart devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Many of these machines listen with speakers all the time in order for companies to "scrape" information for use in AI creation.
  • The Zenwa machines have voices impersonating celebrities (living or deceased) such as William Shatner and Sean Connery.
  • The mech transforming into a garbage truck is an obvious spoof of the original Transformers toy line and animated series.
  • Master Shake claims to have misspelled Jupiter as he believes "Disney owns it."
  • Hoverboard is a parody spoof of a Hoveround Power Chair that is invented in 1992 by Tom Kruse. there was a commercial called Hoveround.