Season 12 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the newest season and the first since its cancellation in 2015. The season consists of five new episodes of the show. [1] The first two new episodes aired on [adult swim] on November 26, 2023 at 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time with a release on Max the next day. [2][3][4]

The original opening sequence from the first seven seasons is remade with better animation and a new remix of the original theme song by Schoolly D. The credits for this season feature cameos from Jiggle Billy, Paul, Oglethorpe, The Mooninites, and Markula, but these credits are only used in "Shaketopia" and "Get Lit Upon a Situpon."

This season was animated by Floyd County Productions.


On May 20, an unfinished version of the unaired Season 5 episode "Boston" was showcased at the Boston Comedy Festival followed by a Q&A for people in attendance.[5] Despite being described as an entirely new episode by Dave Willis himself, the episode is indeed the originally unreleased "Boston" (which was leaked in 2015) with alterations. It is currently unknown when this version of "Boston" will be released to the general public if ever.

Ronnie Neelie creator of the fan-made podcast Dancing Is Forbidden: An Aqua Teen Hunger Force Exploration confirmed that he has recorded voice lines for an episode of Season 12. [6] Neelie recorded many podcasts between Season 11 and Season 12 and has recorded interviews with cast and crew members including series co-creator Dave Willis and editor Jay Wade Edwards.


# # Title Air date
140 1 "Shaketopia"[7] November 26, 2023
141 2 "A Quiet Shake"[8] November 26, 2023
142 3 "Scrip2 2i2le: The Ts Are 2s"[9] December 3, 2023
143 4 "Get Lit Upon a Situpon"[10] December 10, 2023
144 5 "Anubis"[11] December 17, 2023


  • This is the first season since Season 7 to not use an alternative title.
    • Despite this, the end credits for this season still uses the name "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever," the title from the previous season.
  • The Meatwad part of the Season 12 theme song has a voice filter, and the lyrics "homies" and "girlies" were swapped.
  • According to a video interview with series co-creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, this season of the show was ordered due to some sort of surplus. Reportedly, someone from Warner Bros. Discovery came to them because they had some money leftover, and this is reportedly why the season is only five episodes.[12]
    • During the same interview, Willis and Maiellaro confirmed (albeit somewhat jokingly) that fan favorites would not be brought back for this season, so they could focus on new concepts.
    • They also encouraged fans to watch the episodes on television and then again on the streaming service Max to increase the "numbers" and therefore the likelihood of subsequent seasons being ordered.
  • Another video interview with Willis and Maiellaro seems to have confirmed that Dewey and Vanessa finally have speaking roles, though they could not confirm who provides their respective voices as of the time of the interview. They also confirmed that the crew recorded voice work from Brian Cox and Maurice LaMarche (among others), but what roles the actors played was not stated. [13]
  • According to yet another interview with Willis and Maiellaro, the original theme song was remixed because of budget restrictions. [14]
  • This is the second season that Carl appears in every episode. The first is Season 4.


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