The eighth season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force premiered the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season eight premiered on May 8, 2011 and ended July 24, 2011. It consisted of ten episodes[1] . Season 8 is called Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.

In season eight, voice actor George Lowe, who frequently makes guest appearances on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, appears in every single episode[2]. Dave Willis also confirmed on Twitter the comedian Neil Hamburger will be guest appearing on an episode for this season[3]


In May 2010 at Dragon Con, it was confirmed that Dr. Weird and Steve would be returning as series regulars.[4] However, they only appeared in one episode. In a 2010 interview, Dave Willis also confirmed that season eight will revisit the original concept of the Aqua Teens being detectives,[5] which was originally added by request of Cartoon Network for the original series, but was dropped offically after three episodes. However, this concept for Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 was again dropped after one episode also. The Mooninites and Markula were supposed to return as major antagonists of this season. This was somewhat true, but Ignignokt and Err only appeared in three episodes. The first was when they appeared on Allen's moniters, and the second had them as censorship over a woman's breasts. There was one major appearance in "Jumpy George." Markula only appeared in a single episode.


# # Title Airdate
101 1 "Allen Part 1" May 8, 2011
102 2 "Allen Part 2" May 15, 2011
103 3 "Intervention"
"The Intervention"
May 22, 2011
104 4 "Freedom Cobra" June 5, 2011
105 5 "The Creditor" June 12, 2011
106 6 "Vampirus" June 19, 2011
107 7 "Wi-tri" June 26, 2011
108 8 "Jumpy George" July 10, 2011
109 9 "Lasagna" July 17, 2011
110 10 "Last Dance for Napkin Lad" July 24, 2011

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