Season 9 (also known as Aqua Something You Know Whatever) began premiered on June 24, 2012 and ended August 26, 2012.


Season 9 was confirmed by Dave Willis via Twitter, by saying that 2 scripts were written for a second Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 season. It was said to have twelve episodes that will be made in this season to even out seasons, but it turned out to only have ten episodes. The theme song is performed by Mariachi El Bronx, alongside with Schooly D.  This is the only season to feature an extended opening for its theme song, only seen in three of the ten episodes ("Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken," "Fightan Titan," and "Buddy Nugget.")


# # Title Air date
111 1 "Big Bro" June 24, 2012
112 2 "Chicken and Beans"

July 1, 2012

113 3 "Shirt Herpes" July 8, 2012
114 4 "Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken" July 15, 2012
115 5 "The Granite Family" July 22, 2012
116 6 "Bookie" July 29, 2012
117 7 "Fightan Titan" August 5, 2012
118 8 "Buddy Nugget" August 12, 2012
119 9 "Zucotti Manicotti" August 19, 2012
120 10 "Totem Pole" August 26, 2012

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  • When Matt Maiellaro first announced the title of this season, he made some rather bold claims. He stated that there would be twelve episodes of Aqua Something You Know Whatever, instead of ten. He also claimed that all the characters would be killed off and that "By episode 3 of the 12, there's going to be no more Aqua Teens..." Matt eluded to these deceased characters coming back by the end of the season. This idea of continuity never came true. Matt and Dave have been known to lie about future episodes to mess with fans, and many people had caught on to their shenanigans at this point. [1]
  • During promotional and press releases for this season, a baby character named Pepe the Pepper was falsely advertised as a new main character. Claiming that the Aqua Teens will have to learn how to to take care of Pepe and adjust to being parents. Pepe not only does not appear in any episode, but he is never mentioned or alluded to at all.
  • There was rumored to be a dropped episode entitled "Circuit Attack." It is unknown where these rumors started and what the plot of the episode was intended to be. It is also unknown if there really was a dropped episode with this title.
  • This is the first time since season three in which Frylock survives in every episode.
  • This season has the least deaths of Carl. Dying only in "Big Bro" and "Totem Pole."