"Shake Like Me"
Shake Like Me.png
Season 6, Episode 2
Original air date December 16, 2008 (on DVD)
April 5, 2009 (broadcast)
Production code 602
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Featuring Master Shake
Also Appearing Meatwad, Frylock, Radioactive Black Man, Dewey, Boxy Brown
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 6
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"Shake Like Me" is the second episode of the sixth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 80th episode overall. It was originally featured as an episode on disc two of the ATHF Volume Six DVD Box Set, and officially aired on April 5th, 2009.


The episode starts with the Aqua Teens watching some workers dumping toxic waste at a house, and this irritates Frylock who attempts to talk to the workers. Frylock comes back in a hazmat suit saying that the workers agreed to shut the operation down, but they continue dumping anyway. He talks with them again, and returns claiming that they have reached an understanding but they still continue dumping. Shake angrily walks over to the workers with a golf club and he threatens to beat up a radioactive black man. Shake then notices that the radioactive black man is taller and larger than him due to the radiation exposure. The radioactive black man bites Shake several times, while Meatwad backs away.

In his room, Frylock types a polite email message to the city about their worker biting Shake. Meanwhile, Shake displays some 'black' speech patterns and phrases. Frylock turned the lights off momentarily, and turns them back on to reveal that Shake has become black, much to Meatwad's confusion.

When Frylock sees this, he is confused, as Shake addresses him as 'Fryman in da hizzay wit the shizzay.' Shake then performs a secret, complex handshake with Frylock. Shake places rims all over the exterior of the house and raps on the roof. Then, Meatwad observes that Shake turned black because of the radioactive black man biting him. Frylock attempts to make Shake white again by having him swim in Carl's pool, drink milk, watch professional hockey, and squeeze organic avocados, but nothing seems to work. Meatwad tries magic and sorcery, but all this does is teleport Meatwad and Frylock somewhere else, leaving black Shake alone with Boxy Brown. Boxy gives Shake a lengthy speech about how he can't go back to being white. Boxy plans to make Shake a basketball superstar, but that plan doesn't work as Shake's blackness wears off as a result of Frylock's blaccine.


  • There are over 92 spinners on the house.
  • This episode proves that no one lives in the white house next door.
  • Boxy Brown makes his first speaking appearance since Carl.
  • The cover image for the digital downloads for the sixth season was derived from this episode.
  • Frylock and Shake can hear Boxy Brown talk, but not Meatwad, which is ironic, due to the fact that Meatwad usually knows what Boxy is saying.
  • When Master Shake is bitten, the bite mark switches from side to side due to the animation sequence of flipping the character horizontally and using the same character model during production; however if he were to be a three-dimensional model, the bite mark would not transfer as such.
  • This is another episode where Meatwad states he is afraid of the dark.
  • The title is a spoof of the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. The book is a non-fiction account of how the white author passed as a black man and his experiences in the early '60s American South.
  • Meatwad mentions that he wants a SpongeBob bouncy castle.
  • The episode is also a reference to blaxploitation cinema.
  • Carl does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is unavailable on HBO Max as of June 25, 2020.