Master Shake's appearance before spewing his "Shake Power"


The milkshake (middle) has always appeared this way.

Shake Power is Master Shake's ability to spew milkshake a short distance from his straw. It is currently unknown which flavor this milkshake is. In the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Baffler Meal", Master Shake is knocked to the floor, spilling his "inner being". It appears to be a brown, possibly chocolate substance. The color of the substance in the actual show always appears in a whitish, greenish color. In "Rabbot Redux", Master Shake calls out his Shake Power (all over Meatwad's bedroom). When Meatwad questions Shake about what flavor it really is, Shake immaturely replies, "it's a none-of-your-damn-business" flavor.

Episodes in Which Seen[]


  • In the first season, the milkshake is a lime–green color. It is changed to a white, vanilla-like color in Rabbot Redux for unknown reasons.
  • While the other Aqua Teens have useful abilities, Shake's power is next to useless.