"She Creature" is the third episode of the sixth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 81st episode overall. It was one of four episodes to be originally featured on disc two of the ATHF Volume Six DVD Box Set, and it officially aired on April 12th, 2009.


Frylock has decide to plant trees in the backyard to cover up the view of Carl's pool, which has gone uncleaned and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some form of creature has apparently made it's home in Carl's pool when Carl has his pool cleaner yanked out of his hands, which is spit back out now broken in two. Carl claims he filled the pool with Deet to kill the creature, which is obviously unsuccessful. Meatwad arrives and takes a swim in the dirty pool, only for the creature to drag him under. Frylock is about to go in after him, with Carl eagerly supporting this, until he realizes he'll be eaten too. Carl attempts to persuade him in in an attempt to feed him to the monster, which Frylock calls cold blooded. Shake makes a cannonball attempt from the roof, only to miss and hit the floor, causing his lid to pop off and release fluid, which causes him to gasp for air.

Frylock brings out a crane to lower himself into the pool whilst inside a metal scuba suit. Carl operates the crane, only for his cousin Terry to halt him. Terry and his associate Dante have arrived carrying a wrapped dead body to feed to the monster on orders from the boss. This arrangement has been made since Carl lost a bet, and continues in exchange for Carl not to have his remaining testicle removed like the other. Carl uses a conchshell to summon the monster, which takes the body. Carl attempts to convince Frylock to loan him money, which Frylock refuses. Just as the feet of the scuba suit break the surface, Carl proposes that Frylock use his eye lasers to kill Terry and Dante and then have Carl lower him in to be fed to the beast. Frylock refuses when he points out there is no benefit for himself. The monster rips the suit off the chain, taking Frylock, which Carl and Shake cheer over. The suit resurfaces seconds later with Frylock and Meatwad emerging from it, who say they had a great time. Frylock claims they went through seven lifetimes and everything was a never ending Super Bowl of pleasure. He prompts Shake to try it out, who wants to know if there was a big screen T.V. Frylock and Meatwad claim there was and finally convince him when they say they rented Michael Clayton on BluRay. Shake enters the pool, uses the conchshell and is dragged under. Carl questions their claims, which Frylock angrily denies, saying it was a horrible pain they've never felt before. Meatwad says and repeats continuously that they were digested and defecated. Shake soon emerges visibly frightened, pointing out the lack of a T.V. and that his hands are now gone. Meatwad points one out floating in the water, but it is quickly taken by the monster.

Frylock decides it's time to treat the pool, and during the night he shovels a large amount of chlorine into it. The next day, the pool is finally clean and inhabitable to others. Carl however is displeased to hear that the monster is now dead, as Terry and Dante are going to be dropping off another body later that night. Frylock says crime doesn't pay, which Carl says it does, as the crime duo are very wealthy, giving Frylock an idea.

Terry and Dante come in the night with another wrapped body, that of a sumo wrestler that refused to take a dive. After using the conch, they are confused by the cleanliness of the water and the absence of the monster. Frylock emerges from the water and hits them with an eyeblast, which Carl is ecstatic over until Frylock says that they are merely stunned until the authorities arrive. Carl demands that Frylock shoot them in the head, but Frylock refuses. Carl once again demands that he kill the pair until Frylock points out that the mob will just send more guys. Frylock then notices a pleasurable tug from a jet in the pool, which Carl quickly takes over to pleasure himself.

The next morning, while Carl is still using the jet, the creature, who is revealed to be a mermaid emerges from the pool and says she can't be his eternal sex slave since he cleaned the pool and killed the civilization living in it. Carl quickly points out that this was the Aqua Teens doing, who are now looking through the window to stare at the mermaid. The mermaid then disappears inside Carl's penis to give him an indescribable pleasure, after charging thirty dollars. Carl enjoys it for a few seconds until he feels a really bad itch and calls the mermaid out of his penis to ask her if she's been tested. Carl's torso then explodes, releasing large fish eggs, which the mermaid says are for regrowing her lost civilization. Frylock proclaims that he had slept with her too and immediately explodes like Carl. Meatwad claims to have told the mermaid he was saving himself for marriage until she got him drunk on red wine. Shake questions what Meatwad is implying, only for Meatwad to also explode with eggs.

In order to feed his ego, Shake claims to have had a three way with the mermaid and her friend, and the over exposure of sex is the only reason why he hasn't exploded like the rest. Shake awakens Terry and Dante to brag about his fictional exploit, only for the two to kill him with a chainsaw, with encouragement from the mermaid.


  1. Carl, Frylock and Meatwad are all killed when the eggs the creature laid in their bodies burst out of them.
  2. Master Shake is chainsawed by Terry and Dante.


  • Carl's pool is finally cleaned out. It had been messy since the third season episode Carl (episode)
  • Frylock's lie of how great it is underwater happens to be the same trick Meatwad used to trick Shake in Broodwich.
  • Master Shake and Meatwad dismembered the two goons after Frylock stunned them to get their jewelry (in particular Meatwad cut off the fingers of one goon with hedge clippers). However at the end of the episode the goons were in perfect health.

Allusions and References[]

The title of this episode based on the 2001 film with the same name.

The creature that was present before the cleaning was a reference to the swamp beast that swallows and spits out R2-D2 in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Both creatures only show their backs when emerging from the water to take prey.